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A Hamster on a Wheel

A Hamster on a Wheel Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel? Always working on something but seemingly not getting anywhere and wondering when the process will ever be complete? Sometimes the answer is just simply to stop, uhuh, that’s right, simply STOP! Stop trying to figure it out, stop strategising, stop […]

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A Magic Wand

A Magic Wand When it comes to personal development and healing, so many of us have yearned for a magic wand or hope that when we finally find the Holy Grail, pain will never have to be experienced again. We hope that ‘next time’ or ‘maybe this time’ I will ‘get it’ and pain will […]

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Introduction to Chakra Cords – Relational Cords

Introduction to Chakra Cords/ Relational Cords  Chakra Cords or also called Relational Cords are strings of energy that run between individuals, within religious and political groups, within families, ethnicities and nations. More commonly they are experienced as our energetic connection to family members, friends, spouses, partners and lovers. Although not experienced through usual five sense […]

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Ancestral Cords – Chakra Cords

Ancestral Cords You may be tempted to believe that there is very little connection between Family Constellation work and energy healing work -after all, they don’t look the same, feel the same, or behave the same. Family Constellations, through engaging in the ‘field’, is as much energy healing work as any other modality. It is […]

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Recovering the Separated Self

Recovering the Separated Self Much has been written over the ages about Soul Retrieval but few people understand exactly what that means. How can we lose our soul? We see perpetrators of violence and cruelty losing their humanity, but what is it to lose one’s Soul? As we emerge into this world we progress on […]

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The Courage to be Happy

  The Courage to be happy The power of family bonds and ties cannot be overestimated, for their power is far reaching, often spanning many generations. I’ve written on this topic of having the courage to be happy many times before and I do so as none of us can really overestimate the power of […]

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Fear is Always the Enemy

Fear is Always the Enemy If fear had no part in your life on any level, what would your life look like? Would be finally start that business you’ve always wanted to start? Would you tell someone that you love them? Would you leave a relationship? Move to a different country? Be more sociable? Be […]

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The End of Suffering

The End of Suffering There appears to be little that any of us won’t do in order to avoid suffering or feeling our own pain. Most of us will exclaim ‘I want to be happy!’ and yet that very happiness teeters on the foundation of unresolved pain and suffering. When we stop avoiding the suffering […]

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That which is permanent

Often as we move through life we try to cling to permanence even though the experience of countless generations tells each and every one of us in each moment that there is nothing that is permanent. Parents die, children die, lovers, husbands, wives, friends and beloved pets die, ideas and thoughts die, plants, trees, even […]

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