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Embracing the Power of Truth, a 5hr audio presentation by Shavasti

Above all, this audio presentation is an invitation to freedom, to explore the freedom your very own heart longs for and the freedom that distilled truth give us.

Shavasti invites you to consider, experience, ponder and feel who you are on multiple levels of your being as he weaves almost two decades of a journey as a professional healer, author and seeker of truth together into a tapestry of profound teachings that will change the way you experience yourself and see your place in the world.

In Teachings form an Awakened Heart you will journey with the stream of Shavasti’s words that will bring you to new understandings and experiences of forgiveness, awakening, hidden loyalties and new opportunities for personal peace. With this audio journey you will be invited to step inside the deeper questions of your being, your longing and the deeper truths of who you are and what you really want.

Teachings from an Awakened Heart presents truth powerful, inclusive and pervasive ways that will invite to surrender to the core of your being – irrespective of what you discover about yourself along the way.

You will discover that to love is totally natural and that there is, and never has been, anything wrong with you.
Please note that this audio presentation that is NOT an audio book version of Shavasti’s book “Embracing the Power of Truth”.

Track titles:

1. Hand of Grace

2. Loss of Heart

3. Separation

4. Direct Experience

5. Healing Relationships

6. What do you want?

7. Love & Peace

8. An Opening Heart

9. Devoted to the Heart

10. Death & Back


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TFAAHInviteIn listening to these teachings I enjoy how Shavasti tells his story and how, through his literary artistry, he weaves teachings, story, and integrations – to inform and heal humanity – Amita, Author of ‘You Long for Me’  

Shavasti cuts to the core of where each person must go to reengage their sacred humanity. He understands true healing and is a visionary catalyst towards intimate union with all of life. Every soul deserves the Teachings from an Awakened Heart – Simran Singh Author of Conversations With the Universe & Your Journey to Enlightenment, Host of 11:11 Talk Radio, Steward of 11:11 Magazine  

Shavasti’s eloquent manner calls out to our heart and soul while helping us feel a deep inner peace just by listening. His reflections on the deeper meaning of life, love and our most precious heart gives “you” the lucky listener a new way to perceive deeper aspects of their very own life.Shavasti’s confident voice and beautiful cadence shows us how many years this enlightened seeker has spent on his own inner work and personal self-discovery. His personal generosity and love comes through very strongly as he addresses the human experience in intimate detail. He addresses our place in life as we experience the microcosm within the macrocosm simultaneously. After listening to this wonderful presentation I’m left with the most delicate and intricate ecosystem on Earth is that of the Human Heart.” – Gary Stuart, Author ‘Many Hearts, One Soul’  

For anyone who is really interested in a breakthrough in any & all areas of your life, please get this wonderful audio book.  It is going to challenge you to look at what is necessary in order to realise the highest degree of fulfilment in your life’s journey!Charles Wallert, New York, Award winning music Producer/Composer