About my Name

Shavasti – The power to transform

The name I prefer to use nowadays is the name Shavasti. It is not my birth name and it was given to me many years ago and it has been in an of itself a journey for me to embrace it and own it as my own.

The roots of the name in Sanskrit are:

Shav = to transform शवस्
Shavas = the strong one, valour शवसी
Asti = to become अस्ति

Shavasti: To Become Strong through Transformation & The one who has power to transform, the one who becomes strong

Shavasti is mentioned in the Vedas and the Buddhist Suttas. In Buddhist texts, Guatama Buddha himself lived in the Jevatana Monastery just outside ‘Shavasti’.

In the Vedas, the city Shavasti was named by the king, Shavasta. Shavasti can be translated to mean: the King’s Wish. Interestingly, another great king, Mahavira, also an enlightened person similar to Buddha, was sick and he sent his servants to Shavasti to get sweetmeats that he declared would surely heal him. It is reported in the Vedas that he was instantly healed.

And so the meaning of my spiritual name is a place where the Buddha sat in meditation and where Mahavira received healing. As a healer and spiritual teacher, the name is fitting for my life’s path.

Shavasti still exists today and is known as Shravasti.


advaitam acyutam anādim ananta-rūpam

ādyaḿ purāṇa-puruṣaḿ nava-yauvanaḿ ca

vedeṣu durlabham adurlabham ātma-bhaktau

govindam ādi-puruṣaḿ tam ahaḿ bhajāmi