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Just reading the book, which speaks to the depth of my being like no other. It is after reading this that certain ugly truths can be faced by me with acceptance. And after many years of questioning whether the universe is indeed benevolent I believe so. Shavasti writes from experience having faced it all and sharing it all. Rather than certain popular non duality teachers his writing is real, authentic and in touch with human experience – Andrea Lanzerath

Once in a rare while a writer emerges whose love is so undistorted, so confident, so clear that the writing issuing out of him seems translucent as breath, a sheer transmission from one heart to another. Shavasti is such a writer and his book, Embracing the Power of Truth: Tools for Liberating your Heart is both a compelling story of personal redemption and a tuning fork for self-alignment.

Shavasti’s background as an energy healer equips him to cast timeless truths in fresh light as when he shows us “hatred” on an energetic level and helps us see how all hatred is born of “innocent and devoted love betrayed”. He explores how “pure, unadulterated, untarnished, undistorted truth” can never be arrived at through discursive reasoning, but rather emerges from the silence of our hearts to return us to clarity, simplicity, love. His descriptions of how truth feels at an energetic level gives new meaning to the Biblical “and the truth shall set you free.” Shavasti’s own expression conveys the simplicity and silence of the heart’s pure utterance.

No doubt he is a gifted healer and seer and mystic. His out-of-body experiences lend perspective to age-old conceptions of God’s love extending to the fall of a sparrow and every hair on man’s head. He confronts divine love as a brilliant darkness he names “The Benevolence” and poetically conveys what contact with this source feels like. His experience of seeing and hearing the extraordinary luminescence of a single blade of grass, enables him to describe an energetic that conveys both awareness and expressive power—each blade intoning a single, unique, extraordinary note that contributes to the chorus of all life. Shavasti’s vision of unity conveyed in the chapter “On the Edge of Infinity” is as good as mystical writing gets—the “ineffable” made articulate, accessible. Likewise his capacity to render visible the mystery of the Teacher-Disciple relationship as he offers glimpses through higher-sense-perception of his Guru, India’s hugging Saint, Amma, and enables us to feel moment by moment both the gentle power of this amazing woman and the distinct call that will lead him deeper into Love’s mysteries.

Ultimately, however, the true gift of this book is not its capacity to convey the extraordinary, but its insistence on our embracing the Truth as it expresses itself through subtleties of humble, daily experience. Shavasti shows us that one of the dangers of the call to spiritual life, is the seeker’s predilection for “light chasing” which puts us at risk of fully incarnating in a way that brings all our senses into deep, immediate communion with reality. We risk privileging certain experiences at the cost of accepting and embracing all. In Embracing the Power of Truth, Shavasti attunes us to the extraordinary power of Truth as it presents itself to us in the glorious ordinary when we open our hearts – Cynthia Clough (Published on

This is a brilliantly written deeply personal book with every page shining a light on a potentially life changing truth. Shavasti’s writing seems effortless which is inspiring in itself when you consider the challenging journey he is taking us on; guiding us through his own sometime’s harrowing and traumatic life experiences through to the teachings and life lessons he has gained and is now sharing in this book. Shavasti beds in his teachings within his extensive knowledge of other cultures, spiritual practices, world history and languages adding depth and context to what is revealed. What could be very complex issues to guide a person to understand he seems to reveal in very simple truths so as a reader I felt connected to what he was saying; my body resonated with the words and there were many ‘aha’ moments as jigsaw pieces of my own life experiences and spiritual journey clicked into a place of deeper appreciation. I also experienced Embracing the Power of Truth as a very complete book of teachings; a great bringing together of all he has come to know to be true. Thank you so much Shavasti for sharing so openly and honestly the journey of your own ever awakening heart. You have helped to lay down a path for other hearts to follow. Namaste. – Tracey Coulson (Published on

I’ve been a fan of Shavasti’s books and teachings for a few years, his books about Family Constellations and ancestral healing (under the author name of John L. Payne) are some of my favourites in spirituality and healing.

This book, for someone who struggles with the over-saturation of certain messages and beliefs within the popular spiritual/self help/new age communities, is a breath of fresh air, bringing to awareness the importance of topics such as hatred and self-hatred, having a relationship to the unknown and to mystery, and the spiritual and mystical realities that underpin our human existence. This book bridges the human world – with all of our problems, difficulties, challenges, as well as our potential, beauty and gifts – with the spiritual world, the world of gods and spirits and guides.

I was particularly moved when I read Shavasti’s description about the heart of humanity – the idea that humankind has a spirit just for the species (just as all animal and plant species, and everything in nature, has its own spirit). I’ve been familiar with that concept for a while, but somehow hadn’t felt or deeply realised the presence of the collective human soul. I was deeply touched, and that awareness has already changed my perception of my self and of humanity in general, and I know will have ramifications in my healing and therapeutic work.

The book is filled with such invitations to consider, to discover the little jewels of consciousness hidden within the folds of our being. I would recommend it very highly to any earnest spiritual seeker.- Justin Bonnet (Published on

This book will take you on a very personal journey to share in the author’s recovery form deep personal tragedy that led to the transformation of his healing work and his life.

The candidly inspiring personal accounts shared by Shavasti, a seasoned and experienced healer and spiritual teacher, will not only inspire you, but also give you a doorway into simple but powerful truths that may have been eluding you. After years of already being established as a healer and author, Shavasti suddenly finds himself with a gun to his head during a harrowing armed robbery experience. This book will take you on a very intimate journey with him as he discovers all of the pitfalls, illusions and delusions we can easily become trapped in on a path of personal and spiritual development – he welcomes you to this journey of awakening. In part biographical, this newest work by Shavasti is filled with profound teachings and a level of candor that will invite you to meet yourself with both authenticity and compassion – aiding the longed for awakening of your very own heart.

His moving and sometimes challenging words will help you to bridge the gap between where you are now, possibly after many years of searching, to get more than just a glimpse of what many enlightened teachers have already shared.

Embracing the Power of Truth presents truth in a powerful, inclusive and pervasive ways that will invite to surrender to the core of your being – irrespective of what you discover about yourself along the way. You will discover that to love is totally natural and that there is, and never has been, anything wrong with you.

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