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An Invitation to Freedom

Discovering Love’s own Truth for Your Self

 August 15 & 16 , 2015

11873550_10153593334267948_7073874200440573195_nDuring this participatory workshop with author, teacher and healer Shavasti, you will be given tools for uncovering a freedom that is innately yours. Each of us desires connection, connection onto only to our authentic and radiant self, but also deeper connection to others around us: friends, partners, family, nature and to life.

As we connect to ourselves and to others we begin to experience that our lives matter and really do make a difference. We see the difference we make in the lives of others as we begin to experience the truth of who we are, and therefore the truth of the world. We begin to realise that we matter and what matters the most is connection and the contribution we are making to life through our ability to connect.

There is nothing more certain than the truth of our very own heart and nothing more liberating than the truth of our own existence.

During this workshop you will:

  • Be guided to release limiting patterns and old hurts from your past
  • Be guided to fully realise where you are holding back from opening your heart more fully
  • Receive teachings that will transform the way you think and how you feel about your place in the world
  • Be given tools for transforming suffering into relief
  • Divorce, Grief, Loss, Family Relationships, Life Purpose, Healing




Shavasti is a spiritual teacher with a foundation in ancestral healing and family dynamics. He is also known as the author John L. Payne is the author of (1)The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations, The Language of the Soul, The Presence of the Soul, Teachings from an Awakened Heart and Embracing the Power of Truth, all published through Findhorn Press in the US & UK. He has facilitated more than 450 workshops on 6 continents and has conducted more than 6,500 private sessions, with the majority of his rich experience being gained in post apartheid South Africa.


“His highest concern is for the deepest good for any and all who may be lucky enough to work with him either personally or professionally. He’s also a great author and I recommend his books for my trainings as he’s nothing short of “inspirational” on every level. Kudos to Shavasti at whatever he does and where ever he goes. Any and all clients are very lucky to have this international sensation work with him for their highest good. ” (2013) Gary Stuart, Author of Many Hearts, One Soul Los Angeles

Address and local contact numbers will be sent to you. See you in Phoenix!

‘Phone enquiries: 657  777 2819

Workshop Location:

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living

18010 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix AZ 85031

Private session on 17 & 18 August only. Only 6 slots open!

Pricing & Payment

Weekend workshop $450
One Day: $225, *Day One Only

Early bird: Weekend $375
One day: $200

** Normal private session: 400.
**Tour Special Private session: $315

If attending one day of workshop: Private session $290 (A)
If attending both workshop days: Private session $250 (B)

*Very limited space to private sessions. Please sign up early.

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