Travel with Shavasti: Earth Adventures



photo by Shavasti: ‘Ganges at Dawn


Have you longed to travel to the sacred and ancient sites in the world but are not comfortable in package tour groups or find that your interest is not shared by family and friends?

Do you long for an adventure that not only satisfies your need to see, touch and smells the scents different places whilst you explore aspects of your inner world?

The Destinations:

India – Visit the temples, the sacred Ganges and the ancient land of the Vedas. Shavasti deep and rich experience of both India and Hinduism can take you on an inner journey to explore ancient teachings, mantras and sacred sites for prayer, mediation and rituals.

Peru – Land of the Incas steeped in rich shamanic tradition

The landscape and tradition of Peru, in addition to the sacred sights provides a rich doorway into the shamanic world. Shamanism can provide a fundamental gateway into healing our foundational wounds, allowing us to recover the parts of us lost in the deep pain of early childhood.

Uluru –  Uluru, in the heart of the Australian continent is also Australia’s spiritual heart. Uluru is sacred to the Australian aboriginals and has been a centre of spiritual ceremony for countless millennia.  Explore yourself under a bejewelled obsidian night sky as you await the magnificence of both sunsets and sunrises over the world’s most famous rock.

Shamanism is the world’s first and oldest religion. Some dismiss it as ‘ancestor worship’, however, at its core is the honouring and veneration of all life – be that life a river, mountain, tree, frog or human being. In this 21st century Peru stands as one of the nations that still keeps the shamanic tradition alive as it is in other regions of the globe such as Bolivia, the Amazon, Siberia and Mongolia.

Worldwide: Would you prefer to meet yourself and adventure into your inner world in the vastness of nature? Have you considered Patagonia (Argentina), Pacific Islands, China?

The Classes

In addition to Shavasti’s rich experience of spirituality and personal process, he is first and foremost a mystic who has been schooled in the ways of the Shaman in both Africa and in the USA. He was first underwent initiation as a ‘Sangoma’ in South Africa in 2005 and later into the Native American Tradition in 2010 after having spent 3 years in an intensive training with an Apache shaman. Shavasti started his full time private healing practice in 1994, is the author of 5 published books and has given more than 7,000 private sessions and 450 workshops.


Your classes will include:

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of the shamanic world
  • Self-Protection for Shamanic Journeying
  • An Inner Map of the Shamanic Realms
  • Drumming and Rhythmic Trance
  • The Purpose of Journeying – Recovering our Lost Selves
  • Creating your medicine pouch
  • Developing a relationship to your Ancestors
  • Developing a relationship to your Spirit Guides and Animal Guides
  • Discovering the Astral: Welcome to the Kingdom of God
  • The Fundamentals of Opening your Extra Sensory Vision
  • Shamanic shopping trip to purchase a blanket, drum, a pouch, feathers, sage and other herbs, shells, stones etc.


Shavasti’s basic fee is $1,000 US per day to accompany one person, plus hotel accommodation and Business Class flexible return airfare from London (or elsewhere).

These fees alter depending on the size of the group and include private sessions and lessons, plus general availability for lunches, dinners etc for one on one.

2 – people: $1,800 per day

4 – people: $3,000 per day

Fee include: accompaniment to sacred sites, private sessions daily for each individual, group lessons.

Fees exclude the following: traveller Travel Insurance, Flights, Accommodation, Food, Local Transportation, Excursion Fees

 Shavasti’s Fees Exclude: Business Class Round Trip/Return tickets with the airline of his choice, 5 star hotel accommodation (where available), food whilst travelling, local transportation, fees in connection with excursions, local taxes, museum and park fees etc.