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Teachings from an Awakened Heart

A healing weekend with Shavasti

930am – 6pm Sat & Sun

Join Shavasti in an exploration of healing the heart without masks or pretences in a way that will lead you to discover your authentically grounded heart.

The centre of our being is our heart, not the mind. It is within this centre that we touch the inner sanctum of our being and can experience what the sages of old have given many names: the presence, the beloved, God and the All That Is.

When we are grounded in our body and present in the moment, we let go of all notions of good and bad which then gives us the opportunity to experience the depth of our own being.  Deep within each of us is a yearning to touch the sacred flame that exists in us all.

During this workshop you will:

–          Be guided to release limiting patterns and old hurts from your past

–          Be guided to fully realise where you are holding back from opening your heart more fully

–          Receive teachings that will transform the way you think and how you feel about your place in the world

–          Be given tools for transforming suffering into relief

During this workshop you will experience profound states of healing and have opportunities to experience the peace and grace often associated with Self Realisation as you release unconscious loyalties to the suffering of previous generations and set yourself free from your story. Shavasti will weave together his 16 years experience with Family Constellations, many years of Shamanic Practice, Bodywork, and Energy Healing work to give you a profound and safe container that is of world class quality.

Come to this workshop with your relationship difficulties, your doubts and your pain, your fears and grief and allow yourself to be shown and authentic way of healing the heart that will touch you in ways you cannot anticipate.

Shavasti, known as the author John L. Payne is the author of The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations, The Language of the Soul and The Presence of the Soul. He has facilitated more than 400 workshops on 6 continents with the majority of his rich experience being gained in post apartheid South Africa.  YouTube: Shavasti Teachings

Invitations to offer private sessions and workshops in your city & country gladly accepted.
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