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Online Workshop: The Language of the Soul

Language of the Soul – Being the Presence of Truth March 18 -19 2023. 


Times: 16:00-19:00  UK time on both days on Zoom

PST: 08:00am – 11:00am

EST: 11:00am – 2pm

CET: 17:00 – 20:00

Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, journeyed on a lifelong quest to discover a cure for his own wounds and in doing so discovered how to heal many others, which brought him solace. Shavasti (John L Payne), the author of two books published through Findhorn Press on Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing work, presents this Language of the Soul Training for Therapists, Counsellors, Healers and Family Constellation Facilitators alike.

You will be taken on a journey to discover the value of being present with your own wounding as bridge of compassion in the process of assisting your clients to delve into and through their own wounds to uncover their ability to reach resolution. As therapists, each of us goes through trials in life, rites of passage, each of which teaches us compassion. Healing, in its purest form is an art, acts of grace, rather than being a science of the mind. When hearts connect, healing takes place.

During this on-line weekend you will learn tools that will assist you to move beyond logical structure, trying to ‘figure it out’, into a state of being with individual client work or Family Constellation work that will take you into a more intuitive sense of what is important in the moment. Language and language syntax plays an important role in healing – within the context of Family Constellations we have come to use the term ‘healing sentences’, however, when employed from a place of empathy, they become powerful tools when used in individual session, no matter the modality. Journey with me to more deeply understand their importance and the energy that is the foundation of this profoundly transformative healing modality.

At the core of this introductory training, rather than just learning a menu of standard healing sentences, we will begin to experience Healing Sentences as a transmission, one in which the truth inhabits the silence after the words have been spoken.

Online Zoom March 18 – 19, 2023

Early Booking is suggested, limited to 15

Bookings: shavasti@shavasti.com 

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For bookings and enquiries eMail:  shavasti@shavasti.com

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Early Booking suggested

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This is the website of the Seer, Workshop Facilitator and Healer Shavasti, also known as the author of four books under the name John L. Payne, and 2 under the name Shavasti.

Shavasti has spent a little over thirty years working with groups and individuals globally accumulating more than 500 weekend workshops and 8,000 private sessions in his portfolio of experience. He has facilitated workshops and worked with individuals in 18 countries across 5 continents including – USA, Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, the UK, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Middle East and Latin America.  In addition to being highly intuitive, Shavasti has become recognised in the field of Ancestral Healing and Family Constellations. Deeply grounded with his training in several therapeutic modalities over two decades, Shavasti works directly with where you are in this present moment with a non-judgemental gentle approach.

His experiential and training background is in Family Constellations, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (PS1 & PS2), Walking the Wheel of Transformation with Patricia WhiteBuffalo (3 years), NLP (Basic and Masters), Voice Dialogue plus several years experience with Core Energetics and BioEnergetics.

Shavasti continues his personal development work through regular supervision, therapy and healing sessions with highly trained senior therapists. His own healing path informs his work.

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Do you long to experience deeper connection to your very own heart? Are you hungry for a deeper connection to friends, partners, your children and family?

As we connect to ourselves and to others we begin to experience that our lives matter and really do make a difference. We see the difference we make in the lives of others as we begin to experience the truth of who we are, and therefore the truth of the world. We begin to realise that we matter and what matters the most is connection and the contribution we are making to life through our ability to connect.

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Shavasti, is one of the most intuitively gifted healers and counsellors you could possibly work with, in essence, he is a Seer, one who looks through the eyes of the heart to reveal that which is hidden from view. Beyond his finely tuned High Sense Perception is a depth of compassion and experience rarely met.

Whether you are wanting to resolve your past, a current relationship issue, looking for guidance with career, personal development or simply want to explore your next steps in life or your inner world, Shavasti provides a container that is affirming.

The Language of the Soul

Shavasti’s teachings are simple: With a gentle unfolding you will experience that healing takes place when we are willing to tell the absolute truth, devoid of masks and pretences. This unfolding, when held in a supportive, gentle and compassionate space, reveals the depths of who we are in ways that transcend and move through layers of regret with grace. Simple truth is like oxygen, with it we thrive, without it, we suffocate in our stories. Simple truth is the heart’s domain, whilst complex stories belong to the fear. For more, CLICK HERE

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