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Shavasti is available to teach by invitation

A wealth of experience of having given more than 450 workshops on 6 continents, Shavasti’s workshops and individual sessions ensure you are receiving a wealth of cultural, ethnic and historical experience that makes his work finely tuned, couple with unbridled compassion and a commitment to simple truths.

Shavasti’s fee structure is simple and is inclusive of all travel and accommodation expenses.

Invitations may be extended from either professional workshop organisers or from those with the means to pay deposits in advance.

Shavasti is available for both large groups of people for weekend workshops (40 – 100 people) or smaller more private gatherings of 8 – 15 people. Fees remain within the same range. Inclusive fees cover premium travel, quality accommodation, food and tuition.

Contact Shavasti to start the journey:

With over 20 years of private practice experience as a healer and personal growth counsellor, you can expect gentle, truth based care, devoid of any masks or pretences. In addition with over 450 workshops on 6 continents within his experience, coupled with radio and television experience, you can expect a high calibre professional public speaker who knows how to hold an audience.

Shavasti, is the author of five print books and one 5 hr audio presentation. Three titles of which express and demonstrate the vital importance of Ancestral and Trans-Generational Healing work through Family Constellations.

Shavasti’s books The Language of the Soul, The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations and The Presence of the Soul have been translated into several languages including Spanish, Turkish, Italian and French, Polish, Portuguese, Korean and other languages and have been considered by some to be essential reading to anyone learning the art and practice of Family Constellations.
His latest works include the book ‘Embracing the Power of Truth’ (March 2015) and ‘Teachings from an Awakened Heart’ – a 5 hour audio discourse.


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