Shavasti’s presence, directly and indirectly in my life for the past year or so, has been completely transformative. His stance in the work is steadfast, his teachings on the human soul, language, and systemics is nothing short of masterful. I’ve worked with and trained under quite a few facilitators in the Family Constellation world over the past several years, and his work is a clear stand out. 

The most incomparable aspect to his work in my experience, is his unwavering guidance and modelling in how to anchor into the heart, and also to deconstruct the layers of defense we inevitably build and have carried through our lives around our heart. I hope to continue to learn from him, and grow under his guidance. I feel lucky to have encountered his presence and benefited directly from his many contributions.
Tracee Kaffer, USA

I have worked with many master facilitators, but my experience with Shavasti was of a different nature. I have rarely felt so fully seen and truly accompanied in my life, in a completely untangled way. The work he did for me was profound. He speaks about living with an undefended heart, and has allowed me to catch a glimpse of that for myself within my constellation, thus creating a embodied direction, a North I can follow in my life and my work. I’m very grateful to have had a chance to feel that level of presence and refined attention. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance.
Laure Porche, France

I hosted Shavasti for a three day Family Constellation workshop at The Healing House, a spiritual sanctuary in Beacon, NY.
It was an exquisite experience; a joy to witness his work and an honor to support his practice.

His incredible presence generated a sincerely safe space.
His total professionalism and wise, kind heart led us all on an incredible journey of deepest healing, learning and community building.
Every issue presented to this skilled and gentle way shower was met with palpably compassionate focus and meticulous understanding of the art and craft of Family Constellation.
I have sat with many facilitators, but Shavasti is truly unique in his capacity to hold space for the entire circle as well as the individuals working in constellation.
He kept the entire group actively engaged with brief but potent check ins after each constellation.
He peppered each day with teachings, sharings or witticisms that endeared him to us all.
Every teaching landed not only in the mind, but deeply in the heart as an invitation towards greater peace and happiness.
His level of consciousness and openheartedness inspired everyone to uplift into acceptance.
He gently guided each participant through their pain to a more open hearted place.
In the words of one participant, “I felt like my heart got a massage.”
I cannot recommend Shavasti more highly. I look forward to hosting him again in the Spring of 2024.
Eileen O’Hare, Spiritual Healer/Teacher, The Healing House, Beacon, NY

Shavasti is a master of compassion. Being in his presence, I felt held, seen and Known each time I’ve worked with him. My experiences have been ones of deep impact, that I shall never forget. In his workshop that I attended, he held his boundaries with a loving fierceness that I appreciated. I felt completely safe while doing vulnerable work with him and the others. I have been profoundly changed, to become more of who I truly am. I highly recommend attending his workshops!
Monica Nagler, North Carolina, USA

With compassion fueled by fierce tenderness, Shavasti guided many challenging and turbulent constellations to a gentle landing. His uses of healing sentences and reframes were stunning in their simplicity yet profound. Resistances and protections softened, allowing the client to breathe in something new.

I found myself gently crying. I had to do a piece of work. Shavasti saw my tears, held my hand, and invited me to tell my story. Trust was present yet unspoken. I cried, mumbled some words, and cried some more. After a moment, I thought, “We could stop here. I was held and seen.” However, Shavasti, a seer, an eternal guide, invited me to set up my soul. My ever-present and uninjured soul – more tears than joy!

I remain deeply and profoundly grateful.
Bill Mannle, USA

“There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve.  Shavasti is one of those amazing people that made a major impact on my live. I found Shavasti while researching Family Constellation therapy.  I was looking for help in coping and overcoming feelings of shame.I have had several sessions via skype with Shavasti and each one  has been a gift to me. Shavasti  has provided me with insight and wisdom far beyond my ability to see. Thank you Shavasti! Sheryl”  
Sheryl, San Francisco

“Shavasti is an excellent author and workshop facilitator. His clarity of understanding, his intuition, and his experience with inter-generational conflict and healing are inspirational. I would sincerely recommend reading his books or attending one of his workshops.”
Henrik Nordmark, London 

‘Shavasti, your teachings are the most authentic teachings of Truth I’ve encountered in my time consciously working on myself these past 13 years. ‘.
Nathan Jacobson, USA

Shavasti is truly a healer with a very empathetic approach, making him the ideal therapist to facilitate true and profound emotional healing. Shavasti has helped me to accept and express a range of emotions, assisting me to free myself where I had previously felt trapped and unhelped by conventional psychological therapies. Shavasti’s unique approach to healing has brought about the most wonderful change in my experience and for this, I am truly grateful
Megan Graham, South Africa

“The workshop with Shavasti was profound – both in the sense of the healing that took place, but also in the lessons that we received about love and compassion.It was a transformative experience, and highly recommended.” 
G.M. – London UK

“Shavasti deftly removed the thorn from the lion’s paw of a huge heartache in my life, but this new, untelevised hour — I am telling you – was nothing short of spectacularly moving, healing, supportive and life-changing work, which I have absolute certainty gave me new, shiny, untried tools of communication that I can use every day in all my relationships with friends, family, loved ones, even strangers, and yes, mysteriously enough – ancestors long gone. I fancied myself as always a compassionate, empathetic person, but this showed me how much deeper I could go. I felt like I had new airtanks for a plunge into the darkest ocean of Jane. Compassion toward myself and the patterns passed down through our DNA that I hadn’t even recognized before? My God, it was staggering”.
Jane Sibbett, Actress/Producer (Friends, It Takes Two, Herman’s Head etc) Los Angeles

I had a profoundly transformative experience at a day workshop with Shavasti . His special way of working with people threads several different practices in his repertoire together seamlessly with a soulful touch; delicately and deliberately he gifts a key to understanding self. The Family Constellation method is clearly present with another powerful and true flavor. His insight is brilliant, intimate, and game changing.   
Kate Campbell MFA, artist educator, San Diego

I attended a workshop with Shavasti a few weeks ago in Los Angeles & have been thanking him in my thoughts ever since. I went to see him with the thought of getting help with a family relationship. What I received was much greater than that one relationship. Through watching others sharing & being worked with, I started to see the parallels with my own experiences. As others gained insights, I did as well. My turn came & the depths of emotion I have held inside for so long came up in me. Shavasti worked with me to reveal clearly my core emotions & issues, & then masterfully guided me in dealing with it in a way that brought relief and healing!

I have felt different since then. I know more of who I genuinely am & am showing up with an authenticity & truth I have always longed for in all my relationships. I am more at peace & closer to realizing my hopes of being free from my past experiences & the hold they have had on me – With Love, 
Elyse, Los Angeles September

After taking a private session and a workshop, I had deep realizations and breakthroughs about myself that I wasn’t aware of. Shavasti is an excellent teacher, who has a vast knowledge, experience and unique intuition to help people to get to the core beliefs that are keeping them from living a fuller life. 
With gratitude, Renata, Los Angeles

Being Japanese and raised in the Western culture, there was always a sense of being torned between the West and East, for a long time, until I met Shavasti. I was looking for someone who would understand from diverse perspectives, not just from family relations but also culturally and historically. Shavasti helped me to see where my life journey started and where I was standing at that point. As emotional and frightening it was to trace the path of my journey, Shavasti was the guiding light for me, to find my way. His guiding light was bright, warm, and most of all, calming. The first step to understand your own life is the scariest thing, however, having Shavasti as my guiding light, I have come to understand that I am fortunate and my life is beautiful. I will highly recommend if you want to understand yourself and your life path, Shavasti is who you want to walk with as your guide.
Miki Nakamura, Osaka, Japan

I was great to see his work and experience Shavasti as a person and a healer.  He is a very gentle soul, very loving and forgiving, there is no ego involved when he does his work which is really great.  He comes from a place of compassion and understanding and from a place of “yes, I am the wounded healer and I understand your pain”  Shavasti  is empathetic and very caring.  No confrontation, no force.  He just allows each person to share his or her stories and we each have stories
M, Sedona, AZ, USA

The spiritual path can be full of highs and lows, twists and turns, pain and bliss. Through it all there must be an absolute honesty of experience in order to truly transform. Shavasti has a gift in guiding you deeply into your deepest wounds and holding you there with an exquisite presence and open heart. For anyone searching for a remedy to emotional blocks in their life I highly recommend his work. You will never be the same!
A.D., Sedona, AZ, USA

My experience with Shavasti was incredible. I got the sense that he knew how to tune in and that his heart was open and there to help. I very much enjoyed my session with Shavasti. 
M.P.E., Los Angeles, USA

‘How Shavasti worked with each person was unique and he clearly connected with every person and knew what they were dealing with.  The process that he led me through helped me overcome the heaviness that I’ve been experiencing since I recently became aware of a deep hurt in the way of me expressing love freely. Now I feel lighter and I feel able to express love without expectation of receiving some kind of hurt, pain or suffering.  I feel like I can contact people I haven’t seen in years without feeling “bad” in some way.’ 
Devon, Washington, USA

I experienced that Shavasti “moved” through our group easily, giving accurate and helpful  attention to our various individual ancestral issues (each of which he definitely zeroed in on)  on an intimate level, but all the while never leaving the group unengaged.  Quite the opposite, I believe we felt connected to one another and there was a palpable empathic connection within the group. As an optimistic skeptic, this was a beautiful experience. From viewing the  videos of his sessions with Jane Sibbett, I expected Shavasti  to be a gentle spirit, with the kindness and sincerity which was apparent in those videos. In the live session, he was all of that and more, times 10!  His gift and approach to sharing it was very strong, and welcoming.  I believe that anyone with some ancestral issues to deal with with benefit hugely from a session with Shavasti. Thank you again for making this happen! Signed, The Hopeful Skeptic.  
J, Hawaii, USA

As someone who never experienced Shavasti’s work or knew anything about him, I was surprised by having this deep sense of knowing him from a long time ago. Immediately peace came over me and a desire to know more about him and his work. While he was working with others in our group he, at the same time gave me answers and clarity on how to overcome or handle stuff that came bubbling up from my past. I definitely want to have another session with Shavasti. Shavasti, in my opinion, is a gifted and incredibly wise man whose wisdom comes from many generations of our ancestors. 
igned a grateful woman in N. California, USA

“In all the thirty years of working with counsellors , therapy of all kinds , time with Gurus/Masters… has anyone in two sessions taken me so deeply so quickly into my deepest wounds ..

I knew from the core of my being the moment I started reading Shavasti’s Book ” Embracing the Power of Truth” that this man would hold my hand and walk with me into the darkest areas of my Psyche and he would keep me Safe … As I read Shavasti’s words I could hear a little voice so deep inside saying “yes, yes ”

There is nowhere to hide .. There is nothing to do but BE open and willing …Shavasti has amazing powerful gifts he is a ” Seer of Truth” . Shavasti’s all embracing Love,Compassion and Truth holds a sacred space in such a way that there is no need to hide anymore .. Each step each question unfolds layer upon layer and unknowingly tears of pain rise to the surface to been seen and released … I could never put into words the depth of Love and Gratitude I hold for all that Shavasti is offering me … “To know the Truth of my Being ”
Shival 💜 Cumbria UK 

“Shavasti saved my life. When I first came to his workshop back in 2010, I was a lost soul with no will to live. I had never felt love and I was burdened by a non-stop care of my alcoholic mother, I felt abandoned by biological father + emotionally abused by my dad who had no idea I was not his child. I kept attracting the wrong kind of men… I was a real suicidal mess. Shavasti’s work is extraordinary. His unique approach to every individual seeking his help is admirable. He is extremely educated and can deal with any level of issues.

I cannot recommend working with Shavasti highly enough. He really is a gift to humanity and I will forever remain grateful to him.”
Katarina, London, UK (originally from Slovakia)

“From the vastness of the great mystery of it ALL down to the ordinary man of daily living life as a man, husband, father and friend. Shavasti was the one to guide me to put the pieces together. He showed me my magnificence, greatness and ordinariness. Guiding me into insight and becoming more at peace with it all. My appreciation of his work he did in the past before I met him until this moment is wordless. 
Fredrik Prag, Sweden

“I have been working on my self-development for about 20yrs. I met incredible teachers, healers, therapists, coaches etc. but still found myself unfulfilled and searching for my deepest longing. I started to work with Shavasti a few months ago. I am deeply fascinated and in awe of his sensational work. He is incredibly gifted, his authenticity is second to none. His work is indeed challenging but I can’t vision any other way to the heart. It cannot get more truthful than this! Thank you Shavasti for your presence & commitment with love & gratitude”
Fabiana, London, UK

“Shavasti has helped guide me to unlock those deepest parts of me that I was afraid to feel and to find the greatest gift of all, the wisdom of my own heart- the truth. This has been the biggest blessing in my life, to truly understand ‘what is’. I am forever grateful for this deep and sacred work that has been life changing, in reconnecting to my core essence and helping me to feel what it is to be truly ‘me’.” 
Ollie Lurie, UK

“Shavasti is the complete package. He’s an experienced, intuitive healer who has a full toolbox at his disposal. His sessions weave therapeutic style inquiry, family constellation work, energy work and teachings from his personal experience, that all help to bring a crystal clear picture into the blocks that we’ve accumulated and that keep us from the experience of our true and pure essence. He never tells you what to do or where to look, but is always compassionately and lovingly nudging you deeper into yourself so that you can find out for yourself what’s waiting for you in the deepest parts of your heart. Shavasti is not for those looking for a quick fix or a magic formula. He’s for the true seeker looking for the support to finally return home.” 
Jonathan Hermida, Miami, FL, U.S.A 

“I wanted to say that I really appreciated our session in late December. It was the most helpful work I have ever done and was truly a turning point for  me”  
Elizabeth Rego, S. Carolina, USA 

If you truly want to open your heart then I can recommend no better guide than Shavasti- a man whose own heart radiates deep wisdom and compassion. Shavasti’s immense skill lies in being able to identify the blocks for each individual; whether these are perinatal, personal or generational and meet the fundamental needs of each of these wounds.  

Samina Khan Transpersonal Therapist and Life Coach at New Life Foundation, Thailand

‘I highly recommend his workshops. Shavasti,  has a huge heart and caring capacity for people to seek the truth within themselves. I did three of his workshops while he was in Bali at the end of 2013 and the experience enabled me to be okay with shameful events that happened to me in the past and make peace within myself. I’ve invested over 120k in different training’s, program’s and workshops over the last four years alone. I would have to say Shavasti is the best I know at doing inner child work and breaking patterns that run our lives that I have ever come across. And one of the best in the world at getting people to connect with their heart –
John Spender, Coach, Speaker, Author – Bali & Australia

Working with Shavasti has been very revealing. His gentle guidance has created a trust that allows deeper shadows to come forth to be witnessed and healed. His vast knowledge of history and the astral world is impressive. He is able to tell me the pieces of my life that have been hidden from my awareness to bring understanding which allows compassion fill me in a way I have not known. I feel no judgement as he looks at my negative pleasure. This allows me to soften towards myself and accept all of me. I love being involved in digging out the places that are stuck and holding me back. Shavasti makes this process fun and fascinating. He is such a delight to work with. I feel so much progress in self acceptance and understanding since working with him. Love, Marjie. 
Marjie,Colorado, USA

‘A year ago I first met Shavasti at a weekend workshop in Bali. I didn’t know exactly what needed ‘fixing’ but I was aware that the same patterns kept resurfacing in my life, and no matter how many different things I tried, nothing really seemed to change. Its hard to let go of what you know, its hard to trust when someone tells you its alright to fall apart, in front of strangers, and discover things that are buried so deep inside that you could never have found them on your own. But you do trust because the love and support around you is so intense. The more you let go and allow Shavasti to guide you, the more profound the healing. I attended two workshops and a year later I am more at peace with myself than I have ever been as the effects continue to manifest even now. Relationships are somehow mending, releasing what needs to be released’
Sarah M, UK

‘I found you to be incredibly gifted, kind, and so present throughout the entire weekend.  I hope that you continue to bring your unique gifts to the world, and I also hope that this calling feeds your soul, and brings you a deep sense of contentment, & perhaps gratitude,  recognizing your unique and, to me at least, amazing gifts of empathy, clarity, and communion with your Guides. You do a tremendous service, one that I suspect asks a total commitment from you, of your time, energy, and focus.’  Be well,  
Maggie Lais. Arizona                                                                      

“Amazingly insightful.  You will experience many quiet moments in your conversations with Shavasti, as your soul – the very core of your being – says “yes, thank you for finally recognizing this.”  Shavasti takes on years and years of fear-based patterns, calmly framing the real source of the motivating fear and instantly releasing you of the need for the ingrained behavior.  Miraculous.”
Tricia, Los Angeles

Shavasti quickly see’s straight through the problem right to the heart of the matter.  My first session with him was more valuable than any series I’ve had with other healers and counsellors. I highly recommend him.
Lily, Australia

“Shavasti works in such a powerful and unique way. He has helped me turn my life around, find my life’s purpose and put me on a path to reach my full potential. I am truly blessed to have met him and to know he will be in my life for a long time.”   
Kate G – Dubai

With Shavasti holding my heart; graciously supporting and guiding me, I have dared to go to places deep within my soul that I had hidden away or lost a long time ago.  The awakening that I am experiencing from this work with him is literally life changing.  Shavasti is a very special individual with a profound wisdom and gift for healing. I will forever be grateful to him.    
Tracey Coulson, Lincolnshire, UK

“If this work were labelled “soul retrieval,” then I would describe the feeling as having recovered access to one piece of my soul. I know there are other pieces to be recovered, but I am genuinely excited about the process. Truly, in all the decades of working with so many different healing modalities, this is the first time ever that I have experienced a noticeable shift. Thank you so incredibly much!!!”  
B. Ellis, Oregon, USA

’today was incredible, thank you for working with me, I have never met anyone with your talents and insight, it was fantastic! ‘
Oana Marcu, Biologist, California

I remain in awe, humbled and so grateful for the experience I had when I attended Shavasti’s two day seminar in July. Witnessing myself and 12 other gentle souls processes, handled with such compassion, wisdom and genuine kindness, I can finally say after many years of effort and devotion to personal growth, I have found a teacher that truly resonates with my deepest beliefs about the human condition.
I had wrapped my ‘issue’ in an intellectual ‘understanding’ about what happened to me, no longer able to access the raw emotion that remained since a very early age, the trauma of being separated from my birth family, the longing to return to my roots.

Nothing is more powerful than owning your true essence; Shavasti’s gift to me was to transform my ‘poison’ into a gem of wisdom. If you are a seeker of the Truth, go find him, he will rock your world!
L Ayres. Australia & Bali

Recently I have been attending workshops by a phenomenal spiritual teacher by the name of Shavasti. His work is truly amazing. I feel blessed to have him in my life and I recommend him with all my heart and soul. Thank you Shavasti for all that you are.
Errol Campbell, London & Bali

Our company, BeyondNLP, based in Sydney, Australia invited John L. Payne (Shavasti) to offer training in Sydney in 2011. Owing to the both the high quality of his work and his popularity with our clients and students, his visit was extended to include a second and third workshop and training in Sydney and a training in Brisbane.

Our experience of him was that he has a very high level of skill, experience and compassion. He was a pleasure to both witness and work with.

Yours sincerely,
Barbara Young. Director, BeyondNLP & Australian Institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sydney, Australia

“His highest concern is for the deepest good for any and all who may be lucky enough to work with him either personally or professionally. He’s also a great author and I recommend his books for my trainings as he’s nothing short of “inspirational” on every level. Kudos to John (Shavasti) at whatever he does and where ever he goes. Any and all clients are very lucky to have this international sensation work with him for their highest good. ”
Gary Stuart, Author of Many Hearts, One Soul

“I have experienced 14 different family constellation facilitators, many with worldwide reputations as founders of the method—and I still consider John (Shavasti) to be one of the best. In terms of pacing, client-care, absence of ego, knowledge of trauma, sensitivity, and ability to get right to the heart of someone’s underlying systemic loyalties—John remains someone to watch and learn from. I remain in contact with many of the participants in the workshop John (Shavasti) facilitated here, and they still consider it a high point. In one case, he told me something about one person’s inner reality that I did not believe at the time. And yet, the years have proven him exactly on target.”
Michael Reddy, Phd. Author of: Health, Happiness, & Family Constellations

“We can confirm that John is a man of great integrity and is extremely dedicated to his work. We remain fascinated with his skills, knowledge and his care for people. With great clarity, compassion, and unique insight, John L.Payne (Shavasti) works with people by opening and holding the space for their healing.”
 Hellinger Toronto Group Milka Cecez, Ubavka Cecez, Julijana Curasev toronto.hellingercanada.com

“I had several healings with Shavasti recently which involved personal process and also ancestral work. Shavasti is so kind and patient. He teaches love by emanating loving kindness. He did not give up on the process, and held me through each phase, supporting me, reminding me to breathe… The work is still integrating however, changes are apparent already.”
Seema Somaya, Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing

“Thank you John for the amazing work you do and to give to each person exactly what they need. The workshop was very powerful and healing for me and to learn through other participants life journey makes it even more powerful.”
Much Gratitude, Theodora, Bali

“Shavasti’s work is truly transformational. He has the ability to get right to my core issues so that true healing can happen. Through my work with Shavasti, I’m letting go of negative patterns I’ve clung to for lifetimes and finding the true essence of my being. I am very grateful to John for his guidance and support. He is a true healer with an unwavering commitment to truth and love.”
S.B., Attorney, Southern California

“Shavasti is an extremely gracious and gentle healer. His knowledge and sensitivity encouraged me to bare my deepest secrets secure in the knowledge that I would be held, loved and respected. My family and I have been liberated of pain and burdens that we have been carrying for generations. I felt the liberation instantly. I am humbled by his magnificence and am very deeply grateful for receiving his healing touch”
Reshma Murudkar Kalantri, Nasik, India

“In having the courage to face what i most fear about myself and others, i find the profound beauty at the core of each of us. In allowing another to truly touch my soul, i know that there is nowhere i need hide. In surrendering to the illusion of fear, i am no longer apart from the light of the divine. This is at once the most terrifying and exhilarating experience I have ever had. Thank you john, for helping me to remember who i am when i am free.”
Emily McCravy

“Shavasti is extremely gifted. He has facilitated both Family Constellations and Shamanic journeys for me. The scope of his guidance and wisdom is profound and his work has taken me to deep new levels of truth and healing.”
Nancy, Ph.D., Southern CA

“Thank you for a wonderful experience on the Family Constellation weekend. It was a healing experience for me and it restored my faith in the process of Family Constellations – how it can be a compassion- and love-filled healing process in which all issue holders and representatives come away healed. Thank you for being so intuitive and powerful in leading the spirits to heal the family.”
Rona, London

“Shavasti has extraordinary gifts to take you right to the core of your issues where you are so deeply touched with heartfelt grace. His work is filled with abundant blessings that can transform nations, families, and one’s own heart. Words truly cannot express the depths of my gratitude for this profound work.”
Rachel, Business Owner, Laguna Hills, CA

“The work I’ve done with Shavasti in our Skype sessions and in constellations has allowed me to uncover the person I always knew was always there but could not allow myself to be. I cannot recommend him enough.”
Pete Sneddon, Technical Director/Composer, Glasgow, Scotland

“Hey John – I want to say thank you, and bless you for our work together. It’s left me quietly changed. The ‘quietly’ bit is good! It means that I no longer have the need for the bloody great packaging and wrapping that I used to get into.!! The six Skype sessions felt to me like an inner journey that I couldn’t easily describe to another – like a story whose narrative is mysterious, but makes sense to our heart.

What I sense has shifted in me is that I feel much more present, much more of the time. Present to myself, to others, to each passing moment. I have more energy, more resilience and toughness, but also I can yield more and be more flexible at the same time. Bless your heart John. Bless you for your extraordinariness, and your ordinariness too. I shall remember your gentle teasing of me for many years to come, and with that your genuine warmth and brotherhood when we got close to my wound. I’m sure we’ll work together again.”
Marcos Frangos, UK

“My work with John has empowered me to change my life, and enabled me to recognize patterns that were previously dictating my reactions in relationships and life in general, and causing me so much pain. His intuition, skill, compassion and understanding of the journey of being human is literally unrivalled, a rare gift indeed, and I am so very grateful.”
Gwynneth , RMN. RGN. DMS (health). MIHSM Senior health service manager (retired)

“Shavastiyou have a depth of insight and clarity that goes to the heart of what is needed at any time. Thank you for being such a brilliant healer, seer and supporter.” Juliana, Healer, Bournemouth, UK

“My work with Shavasti over Skype has been so healing on so many different levels that I can’t recall what my life was like before my sessions with Shavasti. My life is truly blessed now, and I’m continuing to live my life with the appreciation of what John’s work has done for me. It is truly a miracle that this work can work at such a deep level through a computer or phone connection. John, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Barbara Madani Young, Sydney, Australia

“Every time I work with John it’s a new experience for me. Having often thought things through, the answer is mostly not to be found in my mind! John is able to see through these mental constructs and with his amazing intuitive and mediumship abilities he focuses on the actual underlying matter. I’ve always experienced him as very professional, respectful, and clear to the point in our conversations, giving his full attention to me as his client. Underneath this, I feel that his intention comes from his heart conveying safety to help a client to find their own path of healing and the freedom to go as much or as little as the clients wants or is able to. Having gone through much deep work with John, healing old patterns and bringing me closer to my actual being, I really enjoy and recommend the sessions by phone or Skype as I can stay at home where I feel safe and comfortable in my own environment throughout and after the session.”
Annette, Scotland

“If you want to get to the core, the seed of the issues you are experiencing, and if you want to heal them, then try the Family Constellation experience. It is amazingly simple yet abundantly profound. The experience of the workshop is mostly indescribable, but I can tell you that the end result is a feeling of lightness and peace. I would also like to say that I’m not so sure the experience of the workshop would have been as enjoyable if John Payne was not the facilitator. His humour, experience and willingness to guide us all to our truth makes the workshop a much fuller experience.”
J.S. North Carolina

“Family constellation work with John Payne is the most efficient and effective form of energy healing that I have ever experienced. As a hospice grief counsellor, creative arts therapist and energy worker myself, I am no stranger to the damage of trauma and unresolved grief on individuals, families, and communities. The potential for healing human tragedy on a massive scale is here in this work, so ably and eloquently brought forward by Mr. Payne.”

M. Zamierowski, MPS, New York

“Family Constellation work has been a turning point in my life. The work cuts to the chase and has produced a healing effect also on other members of my family. John Payne facilitates with empathy and clarity.”
Sam Weber, Writer, Johannesburg, South Africa

“John Payne’s Family Constellation Workshop is a phenomenal exercise of intuitive representational processing. It provides the participants the opportunity to review relationships in a very non-threatening atmosphere and yet allow incredible healing to take place at the soul level. Whether you are looking for closure, insight, understanding, release, or all of the above, this workshop provides the venue in a loving and supportive way. Everyone and anyone can benefit from this workshop.”
Nan Seedman, PhD, DCH, DAH, President & CEO, International Network for Alternative & Intuitive Therapies, Inc

“I have spent the last 20 years searching for answers to a number of issues relating to my childhood and present marriage, including family therapy, hypnotherapy, and several alternative healing practices. After participating in two Family Constellations workshops, I have experienced profound results and am finding myself able to move on with my life. John has an uncanny ability to guide the Constellations with clarity and vision, in an atmosphere of total love and support, that provides rapid and powerful healing.”
Sarah Tamblyn , Berkeley, California

“For those drawn to this healer, John Payne, the method of Family Constellations it works in a profound and emotionally powerful, therefore liberating way, to enlighten the unawareness and enliven the true spirit of Life in each individual. Thank you John.”
Tricia Altenau, St. Martin, Guadaloupe

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