Archive | February, 2015

The Freedom of Being Wrong

One of the greatest freedoms we can experience comes from having a healthy relationship to being wrong. This involves firstly allowing ourselves to be wrong, to be in the state of wrongness instead of avoiding it. What this state allows for is coming to the realization that our wrongness about something, an action or idea, […]

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The Pain of Being the Special Child

The Pain of Being the Special Child Immersed in a culture in which individualism is generally encouraged and creativity is allowed to flourish despite some societal constraints, the desire to make our mark in the world and be noticed in an ocean of individualistic self-expression, the notion of being ‘special’ can be quite attractive, even […]

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The Power of Truth

As we journey deeper into the power of truth we begin to realize that much of what we thought was true about ourselves, our families, life and goodness may in fact simply be a story – and one that does not serve us. When we embrace the power of truth, opinions dissolve and the heart […]

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Child of an Immigrant

Child of an Immigrant We live in a world in which many individuals in the developed world have at least one parents who is an immigrant from another country or continent. When we look at our ancestry, the first question we must ask is ‘What did they leave behind?’ and also ‘Who did they leave […]

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