Archive | October, 2012

Truth in the body

“We can tell when truth is spoken by how our body feels when we speak it. Untruths are retained in the body, and truth flows freely” – John L. Payne (Shavasti)

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The centre of our being

“The centre of our being is not the mind, but the heart. It is within this centre that we touch the inner sanctum of our being and can experience what the sages of old have given many names: the presence, the beloved, God and the All That Is.” – John L. Payne (Shavasti)

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Grounding in our body

“When we are grounded in our body and present in the moment, we can let go of all notions of good and bad, which then gives us the opportunity to experience the depth of our own being” – John L. Payne (Shavasti)

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