Shavasti Offers two types of session:

 – Single sessions for specific issues

– On-going sessions to meet your personal growth needs (below)


What difference would it make in your life to finally be at peace with your past?

What would it mean to you to finally resolve an issue in your primary relationship in a way that feels more resolved than any other approach to the problem you’ve taken?   

As a trained professional with 8 years of training in various modalities, plus 27 years of experience working with people in more than 7,000 private sessions, I would be doing you a disservice if I were to promise you a specific outcome in a very specific amount of time. Transformational work takes dedication, time and an allocation of resources.

You may perhaps start with a specific issue, which is absolutely fine and indeed very welcome. However, I always encourage the door to be open that can take you beyond the problem at hand into deeper levels of your being in order to resolve broader issues of longing, healing and Self Exploration.

Shavast’s work is informed by his own ongoing healing and personal development as he continues to receive regular supervision, therapy and healing sessions provided by senior therapists globally. His training and experience includes and is not limited to: Family Constellations (25 years in th field), The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2 years), Walking the Wheel of Transformation with Patricia WhiteBuffalo (3 years), NLP Basic and Masters, Core Energetics and BioEnergetics, Reiki Masters.

I recommend that a commitment is made to either 3 or  6 sessions.

Each package carries a discount off the single session price, must be paid in advance, and constitutes an agreement to complete the entire course. I want to support you as best I can through your personal transformation process and look forward to being part of your support network for a while to come if we both feel matched in our work together.

Skype or Zoom sessions are available. Please send an email to for more information.

More detail and resources on this website:

What do you truly long for?

Do you long for deeper connection?

Connection is a basic human need and in today’s modern world, so many are yearning for deeper connection as we navigate careers, busy family lives, demanding careers and all of the challenges and distractions modern life can present us with.

Do you long to experience deeper connection to your very own heart? Are you hungry for a deeper connection to friends, partners, your children and family?

As we connect to ourselves and to others we begin to experience that our lives matter and really do make a difference. We see the difference we make in the lives of others as we begin to experience the truth of who we are, and therefore the truth of the world. We begin to realise that we matter and what matters the most is connection and the contribution we are making to life through our ability to connect.

There is nothing more certain than the truth of our very own heart and nothing more liberating than the truth of our own existence.

Why Work with Shavasti?

When you work with Shavasti you will be guided to discover the more authentic truth of who you are, beyond relationship entanglements and a distorted self perception that has been keeping you from the more complete awakening of your own heart.

Shavasti brings to his sessions years of deep experience working with hidden loyalties, relationship entanglements and burdens that may exist in ancestral lineage. Beyond his finely tuned high sense perception that allows him to pierce many veils of illusion to see, sense and feel the subtle bodies of the auric filed, chakras and ancestors, Shavasti works from a foundation of simple and yet profound truths that will assist you to re-awaken your heart to its natural state of flow. First and foremost, Shavasti is a seasoned therapist and healer with more than 500 weekend workshops and 7,000 private sessions in his portfolio of experience. With 6 published books and a long standing relationship with his publisher, Shavasti brings you a wealth of experience that is rarely available in one on one work.

Destructive Loyalties

Within the core of my work with individuals is to help you explore, uncover and feel into unconscious and conscious unhealthy loyalties you may have to parents, ancestors and siblings.

For example, It is rarely our relationship to the ‘bad’ parent that keeps us stuck, it is our distorted loyalty to the ‘good’ parent. Additionally, it takes a very courageous individual to be happier than their parents and to allow themselves to be fully happy when others in their family system have suffered.

What do you truly long for?

Our natural state of being is to live from an awakened heart, as many young children do. We long to re-gain our innocence and we long to surrender not only to the love within us, but to the love of others, feeling freedom without grasping or from a hunger that cannot be satisfied.

When we start living from the centre of our being, the heart, in grounded and authentic ways, more and more peace enters our lives. When you have peace, you have it all.


Shavasti prefers to work with individuals over a period of time. However, clients unknown to him are more than welcome to book single sessions to explore compatibility

Invoices are payable via PayPal or Bank Transfer depending on your region or country and are invoiced in US$ or £ Sterling

UK Clients, please await Internet Banking Instructions.

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Exclusive Services

Shavasti’s clientele has included those who require utmost discretion and non-disclosure agreements. He is willing to travel to any part of the world and offer his services from your residence or nearby hotel of your choosing. A per diem rate plus premium transportation is invoiced for this confidential service. Multiple individuals or one single individual for private sessions or groups for public sittings. Write for a quotation or to request more information

This service is for people whose status prevents them from attending public workshops and individual sessions due to their position in society, whether it is political, financial or celebrity status.

For enquiries in London & Worldwide and USA: Please contact Shavasti directly.

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