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The Healing of Individuals, Families & Nations: Transgenerational Healing & Family Constellations Book 1

The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations

This book’s perspective on healing will expand the reader’s vision, beyond the scope of healing as a purely individual and personal matter, to one that spans generations in its scope, crosses racial and cultural barriers and sheds new light on relationships between victims and perpetrators, be they from governments and regimes, wars, sexual abuse or crime.

Payne’s “Orders of Love” describe a natural pattern that has been observed in the practice of Family Constellations – namely, that there is a distinct order stating who belongs and who does not belong, not only in a family system, but also in larger groups such as nations. With its many examples and stories, Payne’s book brings back into belonging those who have been excluded and bridges the gap between the healing of an individual and the healing of a family, ethnic and national souls.


“The healing power of this book comes from stating simple truths and acknowledging what is without pretences or masks… John Payne highlights how hidden loyalties and our need to be right are at the heart of many of life’s challenges and how the stories we create are the cause of much illusion, pain and dysfunction in our lives. His refreshing take on forgiveness will take you on a journey where judgement will fall away and being authentic to who you are will once more come to the fore, relieving the burden of guilt, shame, resentment and anger.”
— Iyanla Vanzant, author of Living through the Meantime


“Written out of high professional competence and rich psychotherapeutic experience, this book includes a full range of vivid and often touching case stories which comment on a wide variety of life problems, symptoms, traumatic events and diseases, where family constellations have proved their amazing effectiveness. I find especially convincing how John works with the trans-generational transmission of trauma and how even the most burdened ancestors become an essential source of strength, of loving self-esteem and compassion in our lives.”
— Albrecht Mahr, M.D.


“Provides a profound introduction into the world of Family Constellations”
 Dr Bertold Ulsamer

The Language of the Soul

Enriched by numerous case studies and years of client experience, this book guides readers to move beyond the tangled web of stories they tell themselves and others about their lives, relationships, illnesses, and disruptive life patterns. Step-by-step, the chapters uncover the origins of behaviours and feelings such as drug or alcohol addiction, failed careers, and depression. Hidden loyalties to people and ideas are introduced as the underlying causes of these obstacles, which cloud the path to success and cause people to believe the stories they tell themselves, eventually losing touch with the truth. Through the examples in this book, readers will learn to acknowledge and embrace truth, spelling out the explicit facts and rejecting the fictions they have created to excuse their failings.


“John Payne has devised a forum where the soul’s truth speaks, clearly and profoundly.”
—- Donna Eden, author, Energy Medicine


“Far more than another good book…Walk through it and be forever changed.”
-— Debbie Ford, author, Spiritual Divorce

The Presence of the Soul

The difficult task of making peace with an often tumultuous world is made simple with this unique spiritual guide to the human soul. Through deeper understanding of the soul and its purpose, inherited beliefs can be understood and overcome. A number of practical exercises are provided to help cleanse the mind of these inhibiting loyalties. The novel process of connecting with the souls of ancestors is also explained in-depth and is shown to produce a remarkable healing power. Ultimately, a carefully transformed set of values will lead to an improved attitude towards life as a whole.


“The Presence of the Soul” takes us beyond the providence of negative emotions into a realm that is truly the essence of our humanity. John Payne is our very wise and illuminated guide as he explains how our Soul teaches us to include ourselves and the whole universe in a grateful embrace. The awareness of an inclusive Soul will enlighten and bring peace to everyone.”
— Chris Griscom, Author ‘Psychogenetics, the Force of Heredity’


“Perhaps more aptly named “The Handbook for Being Human”, “The Presence of The Soul” is an enigmatic revealing of history, fate, destiny and the ever present relationship between the personality and the soul of humanity. John Payne weaves an effervescent tapestry of our ancestry with the collective healing of the consciousness of humanity. This brilliant work is a must read for anyone who desires to better understand who they really are within the context of who they think they are. Cheers to John Payne for bringing in your divine expression to heal the soul of humanity.”
— Dr Meg Haworth Ph.D

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