Family Services

Is your family in crisis?
Outside assitance will help you to identify the underlying issues in family rifts.

Most therapy focuses on behaviour as the cause of all rifts and bad communication skills. However, whilst communication skills are certainly important, it is rarely behaviour that is at the root of family rifts and in-fighting.

Is your family dealing with:
– Estrangement from one or more family members?
– Sibling rivalry/hostility
– Issues arising out of adoption/fostering
– Divorce
– Life after the loss of a family member, death, grieving
– Long term illness
– Drug and alcohol dependency
– Legal issues causing stress and strain
– Stress associated with publicity, news coverage, celebrity or politics?
– Adoption, Surrogacy, IVF?

After 25 years of working with Family Constellations & Systems it is rare that the actual problem that has been unidentified by one or most members of a family is the real underlying issue. Frequently the issue that is visible is behavioural, however, the underlying issue can find its roots years, decades or even generations before.

With Family Services together we explore the spoken and unspoken stories of your family in total confidence. From there I offer you my expertise and depth of experience based on having given more than 450 workshops on Family Systems and having facilitated more than 6,000 private sessions for individuals, couples and families in addition to two books specialising in the subject of family systems.

My work is markedly different from family counselling and is geared towards uncovering the deeper underlying causes of family rifts in an atmosphere of deep respect and confidentiality. In this way I invite you to take hold of my hand as I guide you towards healing and resolution. I do so, not only with the depth of experience required for such, but as one who sees through eyes of the heart, as a Seer and teacher who assists families to heal.

Family Services – The Work

* Suitable for 2 or more individuals wanting to resolve relationship and family issues

* Minimum of 3 days* set aside for one on one and group sessions** to take place

* Takes place in your home or a neutral location close by

* Three days does not mean three full days. There can be three personal sessions per day for individuals or two personal sessions and one group session. Group sessions last 2 hours, individual sessions up to 75 minutes.

** Group sessions need to be in person.

 A Myth about Family Work

MYTH:   If one or more members of the family refuse or decline participation, then it is not worth doing.

Answer: This is not true. As the work is geared towards looking at underlying issues and not necessarily behaviour, then as some members of the family resolve this for themselves, this alone changes the entire family dynamic.

Working with hidden family dynamics, my extensive experience informs me that the conscious issues felt and expressed by members within a family are rarely the real, underlying issue. Engaging in family work with Shavasti is is much more than working with family therapy or family counselling. What is offered is a totally new way of seeing yourself and your place within your family and in the world.

These life changing healing movements will leave you refreshed, renewed and at times astounded as the truth becomes crystal clear. It truly is a journey to restore the order and natural flow of love within a family unit.


Family Services are offered based on the following:

–          Return airfare

–          Accommodation Costs & Local Transportation

–          Daily Fee


For more information and to find out if this would be a good fit for you, please

see my BOOKS on Hidden Family Dynamics

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