Family Constellations

In working with several thousand family systems, Bert Hellinger has uncovered what he describes as the age-old Orders of Love, which are deeply embedded in the unconscious of family groups. This forgotten knowledge, rediscovered and refurbished, is so compelling that it can change people’s lives. Disturbances to the Orders of Love in previous generations will inevitably affect the lives of both concurrent and future generations. When this profound influence is understood, individual suffering is revealed in a whole new light – and so is healing. This workshop will show how love, even when damaged and misdirected, can be transformed into a force for healing. Shavasti (John L. Payne) is one of the most experienced Family Constellations facilitators on the planet with 6 books and more than 450 workshops worldwide. Please visit his Family Constellations website by clicking here. Invite Shavasti to work with your group? Click HERE
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