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Freedom from Guilt

Freedom from Guilt When we hear the word ‘guilt’ we can often react to it by declaring ‘I have nothing to be guilty for!’ Well yes, in truth there is nothing we can identify as feeling guilty for. Nothing we can identify, no deed that stands out. It is never really the obvious and visible […]

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Easter – The teachings are always hidden

Easter – The teachings are always hidden My own personal journey with Christianity and the story of Jesus has evolved throughout my life, such a long journey from childhood dreams, battling with the fear that my religions taught me, total rejection of Christianity, the discovery of different spiritual paths and perhaps now full circle to […]

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To whom do you belong?

To whom do you belong? As a result of the many interruptions to the natural bonding process between parents and children in modern industrialised nations, many of us do indeed feel like islands, isolated and in need of objects and external circumstances to give us a sense of who we are. However, that is not […]

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