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Sittings with Shavasti

As a seer, medium and consultant in the sphere of life direction, guidance and contact with the non-physical world, my sessions are designed to either re-connect you with a loved one for healing or to provide you with guidance for the future and insights into your past that will enable you to change your life.

My extra sensory perception enables me to see into your auric field, identify blockages and provide you with solutions and guidance. Additionally, I am able to view the direction of your life and help you to see any roadblocks that may be extending form the past so that they can be resolved, thus creating a clearer road to the future you’re looking for.

My mediumship skills allow me to communicate directly with loved one who have passed on and commune with your ancestors in order to provide both healing and guidance. Mediumship sessions can be deeply healing and deeply rewarding as we connect to a love that is both timeless and palpable.


These sessions are suitable for:


  • Individuals looking for guidance pertaining to life direction and decisions
  • Those looking to take a closer look at their life path as it unfolds
  • Those wanting deeper insights into what may be holding them back and the solutions
  • Those wanting to connect with loved ones who have passed on


I look forward to working with you.

These sessions are available as Single sessions or as a recommended package of 3


I am generally based in London and I work on Skype. If you would like me to travel to you, please see ‘Exclusive Services’.


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