Supervision for Healers, Therapists and Family Constellations Facilitators

Do you long for regular support and supervision to take you to your next level of client work and personal development? As a seasoned and experienced facilitator, trainer and healer, I can offer you one on one teachings that go beyond the scope of my books currently in print.

With more than 450 weekend Family Constellation workshops facilitated and over 6,500 one – on – one client sessions within my experience I can assist you to discover and utilise your natural talents and guide you into employing a powerful approach to your client work.

– You will learn how to identify the thinking that is getting in the way of more complete performance
– You will learn how to work from ‘nothingness’, an approach that will exponentially increase the information and guidance available to you
– You will be assisted in working with your own personal process in relationship to your clients
– You will be guided to see with ‘the eyes of your heart’

In addition to my working experience, I am also the author of ‘The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations’ and ‘The Language of the Soul’ under the name John L Payne. My latest book, ‘Embracing the Power of Truth’ is published under the name Shavasti

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Supervision for Family Constellations- Healing – Group Work – Ancestral Healing – Shamanism

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