The Law of Attraction and Energy Anatomy

The Law of Attraction and Energy Anatomy

As small children we generally come into the world brimming with effervescent, exuberant, vibrant pure positive life force energy. However, there are many circumstances that can dampen, hinder or even detach us from any sense of ourselves as pure essence capable of anything.

The circumstances of our conception, gestation, birth and early childhood leave quite a mark on us and influences how we experience our energy, our sense of self and what we feel truly capable of. Here are some of the circumstances that can leave an enduring footprint on our pure positive energy:

–          Toxic Womb (cigarette smoking, alcohol, drug usage, emotional stress, unwanted pregnancy)

–          Unstable or unhappy relationship between father and mother, arguments, violence, lack of love

–          External circumstances that cause stress: finances, wars, political events, hunger etc

–          Adoption

–          Previous and Multiple Miscarriages & Abortions, Pregnancy as a result of IVF, Surrogacy

In addition to pre-natal circumstances that can deeply affect how we both run and experience our energy, there are many other circumstances that can hinder the flow of pure positive life force energy:

–          ‘Heavy’ or burdensome family history such as deaths, wars, holocaust, alcoholism, illnesses, crime, trauma

–          If your ancestors suffered greatly, especially if you are a descendent of displaced or enslaved nations and ethnicities

All of these pre-birth circumstances create our blue print for life, even before we experience any personal trauma outside of the womb.  You may be thinking ‘Well, I don’t remember any of this and never heard stories about these things, so it doesn’t affect me’.

All of the events hitherto described create our energy blue print for life; they create our foundation of expectation and what we see as possible for ourselves and in our lives.

Personal Experience

In addition to our energy blue print at birth, we’ve had multiple experiences in life that have affected how we experience and run our personal energy. As young children we generally come into the world with an unbridled curiosity and the ability to love everything and everyone. In fact, we need to be taught directly or indirectly to be afraid of, distrust, dislike or hate certain types of people – people of other races, body type, gender, class, personality type, orientation. Our natural way of being is to brim with effervescent innocence and unconditional love. So what happens to all of that?

Avoidance of Pain

Our physical body is programmed with trigger responses to avoid physical pain at all costs. Physical pain is the indication that damage is taking place and as we are designed with a strong life force energy and a will to live, we are similarly programmed to survive. The physical pain of a flame tells us that we are being burnt and we instinctively withdraw from the flame in order to avoid damage and eventual death.  This is a good thing. However, as self aware beings with a full range of emotions and feelings, we have applied this to our world of feelings and likewise avoid pain at all costs – even to our detriment, sometimes believing that some feelings are simply too much for us or could even destroy us – feelings such as rage, grief, despair etc.  We frequently choose long term suffering in preference to short term pain.

So why do I say ‘we choose long term suffering?’

The Energy of Suffering

When we avoid short term pain, where does it go? Does it leave and float away? Actually no, it becomes stored in our physical and energy bodies and can be witnessed and seen in the chakras and meridians – this in turn affects how our life force energy flows and what is available to us for creative expression.

When we avoid pain and instinctively store it, it is not that it is unfelt, it simply becomes background noise that then uses a great deal of life force energy to keep it in place.  Our avoidance of short term pain causes long term suffering in this way:

–          Much of our life force energy is used to keep the pain in place

–          Much of our life force energy is used in defending the wound

–          Our Life Force, Joy, Delight, Pleasure are dampened and reduced as so much of our energy is invested in not feeling

You may be thinking ‘But I’m not aware that I’m doing this’. Well, how does your life look? How are your relationships? Money flow? Creative outlet? Ability to love and be loved?  Health? General satisfaction? How much energy are you investing in ‘looking good’ or ‘feeling positive’ when in reality nothing is truly satisfying?

As children we learnt to dampen, suppress and avoid the expression of life force energy for a number of varied reasons. Discipline may have been harsh, perhaps there was verbal violence or physical violence, alcoholism, suppression, religious abuse or simply that our own natural essence was not reflected back to us or encouraged. From the moment we are born parents, family, schools, religions and society in general projects images onto us of what is expected and who we are to become – much of which is in direct conflict with the essence of who we are.  In this way, we learn how to be small, how to conform, how to fit in – all for the purposes of survival.

Unhealthy Use of Will and Mind

Many who have embraced the Law of Attraction as a Universal Law have fallen into the trap of doing mind work – meaning, honing and disciplining the mind to create clear thoughts and clear images of what it wanted, only to discover that when the desired object or circumstance arrives, it either does not satisfy, does not remain or simply does not arrive.

In order to manifest a fulfilling life circumstance, we need to be fully resonant with it. That means to be aware of how we run all of our energy – not just the mind, not just pictures. When our wounds and pain have been stored in our physical body and in our chakra system, we habitually by-pass those areas in order to avoid the pain. However, it is the pure positive flow of energy that creates sustainable life circumstance.  Each of our chakras needs to be resonant with that which we want to create – hence The Law of Resonance.

Disciplined and misunderstood use of the Law of Attraction can lead to even more separation from pure positive life flow. When we take our entire being into the longing of what we want – magic happens. Manifesting that which truly and deeply satisfies is work that is outside of and beyond the mind – it involves the heart, our sense of self and our sense of belonging.

So when will it work?

You may be looking at the list of potential wounds and be thinking ‘So, if I have all of that, then it will be forever before I can manifest anything’.  Energy flow is energy, as we incrementally open up to more flow, our ability to manifest likewise opens incrementally.

Have you heard the stories of the people who win huge sums of money on the lottery? Research show that the majority of these people are broke or bankrupt within a few short years. Why is that? In order to sustain something ‘big’ we need to have sufficient life force flowing through us, our auric field needs to be able to sustain it.

In order to sustain that which is ‘big’ we need increased flow – that does not mean ‘thinking big’, although that helps, it means increasing our energy flow through all of our chakras from the base up to the crown.

The majority of our wounding is held in our lower chakras, this is where our work is. When our base is open to flow, it supports the heart, when our heart is open, it supports our connection to the Universal mind and infinite possibilities. Are you ready to stop looking for shortcuts to gain infinite possibilities and have a more complete experience of your wealth potential on all levels of your being?

The Magic Wand

The Tree of Life, or the Chakra System is the magic wand. Allow it to light up and shine and your wish will be the command of the Universe. When your foundation lights up and the pain of childhood begins to heal, it allows the heart to flourish. When you become aware of hidden loyalties to the suffering of family and ancestors, your heart begins to bloom and thrive. As you become centred in your heart, the Universal Mind is your companion – thinking big along with your heart and who you are as the renewed compassionate human being – then everything you want is yours and it satisfies.

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