Ancestral Cords – Chakra Cords

Ancestral Cords

You may be tempted to believe that there is very little connection between Family Constellation work and energy healing work -after all, they don’t look the same, feel the same, or behave the same. Family Constellations, through engaging in the ‘field’, is as much energy healing work as any other modality. It is my belief that no single modality is in total isolation, and no single modality provides all of the answers.

So, what are Ancestral cords?

Chakra Cords, Ancestral Cords, or also called Relational Cords, are strings of energy that run between individuals, within religious and political groups, within families, ethnicities and nations. More commonly they are experienced as our energetic connection to family members, friends, spouses, partners and lovers.

Although not experienced through usual five sense perception, the knowledge of such energetic connections has crept into our day to day language use with expressions such as ‘No strings attached’, ‘Cut the ties’. Very often when we express feeling ‘tied’ to a job, situation or another person, a relational cord will be involved on one level or another, involving one or in some cases, several chakras in the human energy field. Cords can be transient or permanent, even existing over many lifetimes.

So what do cords do? Essentially one can see them as telephone lines between individuals, or like the internet in a family or other grouping. In their highest state they serve to transmit love from one person to another and even knowledge. In the animal kingdom, scientists often refer to ‘instinct’, however, knowledge may be transmitted through relational cords down through the generations.

The basis of the Universe is Energy and Information, all of which sits on a vast field of love – all of these aspects can be transmitted through cords. For this reason it has often been observed that adopted children will exhibit behaviours or even food preferences that are identical to their biological parents, even though may not even know who they are. Cords exist between children and their biological parents.

Ancestral Cords

In my experience these are found in the Base Chakra, the First Chakra.

Ancestral Cords connect us to both our maternal and paternal ancestors stretching back countless generations. Contained within the ancestral cords is information and energy concerning our Ancestor’s experience, wisdom, knowledge and also their trauma and illnesses – one could view Ancestral Cords as being energetic DNA, it is the stuff we are made of in our current physical form.  Through my work with Trans-Generational Healing and Family Constellations work I have observed that very often what a client may interpret as a past life experience may indeed be an Ancestral Experience. A trauma that has a big impact will leave a footprint on the family soul and can be felt for many generations, up to seven or fifteen generations.

It is my belief that when we prepare to incarnate, we choose a family that has a similar energy configuration that matches the challenges we wish to overcome or lessons we wish to learn. There appears to be great correlation between our past life experiences and those of our ancestors.

It is of utmost importance that Ancestral Cords are approached with deep respect. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ ancestor or one that needs to be excluded, in fact, exclusion only seeks to make matters worse, for whatever is excluded in one generation, will simply be included in another. If an ancestor was made ‘the black sheep’ of the family in a previous generation, then someone else will fill that gap and take on that role in a later generation.

It is through the influence of Ancestral Cords and other Relational Cords that adopted children can express the characteristics and personality traits of their biological family, even when separated at birth. Cords carry energy and with it, information, a hologram of the current physical life. Adopted children will manifest their lives in a way that often expresses the inherited hologram in astounding ways.

Similarly, a child born as a result of IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) where sperm is taken from an anonymous donor, the child will have both Ancestral and Relational Cords to the biological father and his Ancestors.

Ancestral Cords can be healed through Family Constellation work, or also through focussed energy healing work -both are effective, just different in their approach.

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