Relational Cords – Chakra Cords

In this newsletter I promised to share with you information regarding Relationship Cords.  We’re all aware of the term ‘no strings attached’, however, in my experience there are almost always strings attached.

In certain healing circles it is seen as appropriate to ‘cut the cords’. If a cord is invasive, I can totally understand this sentiment but we also need to be present with the part of us that has either agreed to or submitted to an invasion. When not worked with carefully and consciously, ripping out an unwanted cord can cause some damage to the chakra in which it is lodged. As with all healing, true resolution comes when we release with love.

Relationship Cords exist between parents and children, between siblings, between friends, spouses, lovers, employer and employee. Most cords I have witnessed have existed between chakras 1 – 5 and the corresponding chakras with the other person. It is also important to note that Relationship Cords exist between parents and a miscarried or aborted child, this is an often overlooked aspect of healing work and in my view is vital to the health of not only the mother, but also to any subsequent children. Children can, and often do, form Relationship Cords to miscarried and aborted siblings when the parents have not carried and dealt with the loss themselves.

What can cords look like? Using clairvoyant sight my experience of cords has been varied.

Unhealthy relationship cords can look like the following:

A cord that appears (or feels) as if it has rose thorns on it

A cord that appears (or feels) as if it has a mucous like substance on it

A cord that appears to be coiled within a chakra

A cord that appears to be floating in space, protruding from the client, but not appearing to be attached to anyone at the other end.

These can occur when there has been separation with the sudden break-up of a relationship or the unexpected death of a friend, relative or partner.

Healing relationship cords can take place either during participation in a Family Constellations workshop or during an Energy Healing session.

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