Ancestral Healing: Healing our Inherited Stories

Each of us is born into a story that is already being told. The ghosts and the stories of the past are alive and well and much of the script of our lives has already been written. It is written without our consent or knowledge, not written from malice, but written as an addendum to the lives already lived. It is script that is largely bound by all of the disappointments that have been collectively experienced and personally carried by our forebears.

This binding to the stories of parents and other forbearers is either one that seeks to limit us through a distorted notion of protecting us from disappointment, or it seeks to bind us to the task of fulfilling the dreams and hopes not realised by those who came before us. In this way we can end up either being the ‘special child’ who must succeed at all costs, or suffer the devastation of constantly having our spark snuffed out in direct and indirect ways by those who live a life of disappointment.

It behoves us to examine the story we’ve been born into and to ask ourselves if we are loyal to the story that is still being told and acts as the narrative in our environment. Without us even being fully aware, we can be deceptively loyal to the narrative of disappointment, lack and limitation and seemingly find no evidence for it in our lives – until we dig a little deeper and ask ourselves the right questions.

Shavasti brings together 18 years of Family Constellations experience as well as a decade of Shamanic studies plus a depth of experience with Energy Medicine.

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