The heart’s longing is to know itself as love and although its voice resides in the
depth of silence along with the truth, we are often drawn to speak of love and its
meaning. The greatest freedom we can give ourselves is the freedom to love.
Redemption is yet another one of those words like God, forgiveness and love.
So much has been written, misunderstood and projected onto these words that
they mean different things to different people. Redemption is no exception to that.
For me, redemption is about a personal journey of forgiving ourselves for each
and every time we have ignored who we truly are and have denied what we are
capable of. We have done this over and over again, often grasping at the image of
what we believe we should be, or we have capitulated to fear and kept our more
authentic Self hidden whilst presenting our small self, a mere cardboard cut-out,
to the world.

Personal redemption is about finally submitting to the truth of our deepest
longings and being authentic in meeting every place within us we have sought
to deny.

An excerpt from: Embracing the Power of Truth – Tools for Liberating Your Heart

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