Stop. Look. Do Nothing

Stop. Look. Do Nothing.

You’ve got to be kidding, right? Do nothing? Stop?

When we face our problems, be those problems relationship issues, health problems, financial problems or an emotional issue that may have been stalking us, we are often propelled into doing something. We come up with plans, strategies (ignoring it is also a strategy), processes, schemes and perhaps analysis.

For many of us, when we stop to look at something we then start to analyze and strategise or we start clinging to the possible solution – grasping for the light, grasping at what can be done, how to fix it, how to love it, how to make it go away.

So what if we just simply stop and do nothing? Literally, nothing. Just stop. Look. Feel. No moving away, just face on, looking at what is without masks and pretenses, stripped bare of all stories.

It is when we face our horror that our heart opens, not when we cling to the light. When we cling to the light we are often blinded by it, unable to see either ourselves or the other.

Chasing the light can make us blind to humanity and what is truly ailing us. Chasing the light can make us blind to what is really happening in our family, in our relationships and with ourselves. What is ironic is that the moment we cease chasing the light and simply stop and face what is, a crack opens in the shielding we’ve built around our wounding and the light begins to flood in, illuminating what is real and has always been present. No chasing and grasping required. No love mask, simple authenticity.

Whether your personal road to healing involves Family Constellation work or personal process work: Stop. Look. Do Nothing.

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Available on Skype for private sessions

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