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Weeping for the Lost Ones

When I was in South Africa I had the privilege to work with a group of men who had been in the special forces under the old Apartheid regime. These men had been involved in state sponsored torture of their victims, mostly black Africans who were part of the struggle. What I learnt from working […]

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The Hidden Power of Pain

The Hidden Power of Pain Our physical bodies are literally hard wired to avoid pain at all costs – pain equals a threat to our very existence. However, as conscious beings who are far more than just our physical body we often respond to emotional pain in the same way – it is to be […]

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The Healing Rainbow

As a child of the 60’s and a teenager of 70’s I had an acute awareness that being gay was neither welcomed not wanted and in fact, it was quite dangerous. Not only were there taunts in the schoolyard for being a sissy, Nancy boy or in British parlance a ‘pooftah’, but the very thought […]

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Adoption – Healing the Wound of Adoption Pt 1

In this episode Shavasti shares his work with adoptees and introduces us to a fresh way of looking at all those involved: the adopted child, the biological parents, biological grandparents and the adoptive parents. In a frank and compassionate manner Shavasti discusses the often hidden needs, roles, attitudes, feelings of everyone involved in order to […]

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Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living? –          Stepping out of a life of disappointment   Each of us is born into a story that is already being told. The ghosts and the stories of the past are alive and well and much of the script of our lives has already been written. It is written without […]

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Keeping Secrets – A Life Limiting Habit

We’ve all heard the expression ‘the truth will set you free’, but what do secrets do? Keeping secrets has a function of either controlling others, keeping ourselves safe from perceived danger or retribution, or, believing that withholding information or feelings will somehow preserve other people’s perception of us. There are different types of secrets: 1. […]

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Wisdom of the Heart – Sydney

Wisdom of the heart – a gateway to freedom

A transformational weekend with Shavasti

Sydney (Narrabeen) 9.30am – 6.00pm Sat & Sun


Have your grown tired of trying to resolve issues through ‘fixing’, visioning, creating goals and using will power?

Do you yearn for deeper, more connected relationships, but feel overwhelmed with choices, options and data overload?

Perhaps your hearts wisdom is already guiding you towards leading a more compassionate and fulfilling life, yet doubts and fears are affecting your pathway?

Come to this workshop and be supported in a non-judgmental environment, as you release unconscious loyalties to the suffering of previous generations and set yourself free from your story.

Shavasti will weave together his 16 years experience with Family Constellations, many years of Shamanic Practice, Bodywork, and Energy Healing work to give you a profound and safe container that is of world class quality.


Inner Guidance

The centre of our being is our heart, not the mind. It is within this centre that we touch the inner sanctum of our being and can experience what the sages of old have given many names: the presence, the beloved, God and the All That Is.


When we are grounded in our body and present in the moment, we let go of all notions of good and bad which then gives us the opportunity to experience the depth of our own being.  Deep within each of us is a yearning to touch the sacred flame that exists in us all.



During this workshop you will:

–          Be guided to release limiting patterns and old hurts from your past

–          Be guided to fully realise where you are holding back from opening your heart more fully

–          Receive teachings that will transform the way you think and how you feel about your place in the world

–          Be given tools for transforming suffering into relief




Join Shavasti, 6 time author and international workshop leader, in an exploration of healing the heart without masks or pretences in a way that will lead you to discover your authentically grounded heart.



Shavasti, known as the author John L. Payne is the author of (1)The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations, The Language of the Soul, The Presence of the Soul, Teachings from an Awakened Heart and Embracing the Power of Truth, all published through Findhorn Press in the US & UK. He has facilitated more than 450 workshops on 6 continents and has conducted more than 6,500 private sessions, with the majority of his rich experience being gained in post apartheid South Africa.


Both days must be attended.

‘If you truly want to open your heart then I can recommend no better guide than Shavasti- a man whose own heart radiates deep wisdom and compassion. Shavasti’s immense skill lies in being able to identify the blocks for each individual; whether these are perinatal, personal or generational and meet the fundamental needs of each of these wounds.  Samina Khan Transpersonal Therapist and Life Coach at New Life Foundation, Oct 2014


‘Our company, BeyondNLP, based in Sydney, Australia invited John L. Payne (Shavasti) to offer training in Sydney in 2011. Owing to the both the high quality of his work and his popularity with our clients and students, his visit was extended to include a second and third workshop and training in Sydney and a training in Brisbane. Our experience of him was that he has a very high level of skill, experience and compassion. He was a pleasure to both witness and work with. Yours sincerely, Barbara Young. Director, BeyondNLP & Australian Institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sydney, Australia’

“His highest concern is for the deepest good for any and all who may be lucky enough to work with him either personally or professionally. He’s also a great author and I recommend his books for my trainings as he’s nothing short of “inspirational” on every level. Kudos to Shavasti at whatever he does and where ever he goes. Any and all clients are very lucky to have this international sensation work with him for their highest good. ” (2013) Gary Stuart, Author of Many Hearts, One Soul


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