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Whose life are you living?

Whose life are you living? –          Stepping out of a life of disappointment   Each of us is born into a story that is already being told. The ghosts and the stories of the past are alive and well and much of the script of our lives has already been written. It is written without […]

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Ancestral Voices: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Join Shavasti for the on-line book launch of his much acclaimed audio book, Teachings from an Awakened Heart. Shavasti is a seasoned teacher, having travelled the world facilitating well over 400 workshops spread over each of our planet’s inhabited continents. During this call, which is free of charge, there will be a Satsang in which Shavasti will share his perspectives and teachings on the importance of lineage, hidden loyalties and the many pitfalls surrounding common distortions regarding ‘forgiveness’. There will be some opportunities for questions and answers plus he will present his new audio presentation briefly.

Shavasti invites you to join him for a live experience and transmission on this free telecall. The times are:

West Coast USA is 0900/9am
East Coast USA is 12:00/midday
London  is 17:00/5pm
Central Europe is 18:00/6p

Those who cannot make the call live will be emailed a MP3 recording, so please register even if you cannot make the live call.
When you register, you’ll receive details for joining the call, a MP3 recording afterward, and occasional emails about ancestral healing, awakening, and healing the heart. (You can opt out of those emails at any time)

What some others have said regarding Teachings from an Awakened Heart (iTunes & Amazon):

TFAAH Audiobook“Deep, brilliant, teachings from a man who has walked the path every step of the way, a must listen!”
Patricia White Buffalo
, Founder and director of “Walking the Shaman’s Path Program”

“Shavasti’s ‘Teachings from an Awakened Heart’ is a sound investment. As a spiritual teacher, and committed student of life and God, Shavasti provides what one may experiences as something akin to a rich individual session in the form of meditations and guided reflections. Addressing so many levels, Shavasti (aka John L. Payne), is not afraid to use the term “God” and conversely is unafraid of challenging those who linger only in the God realm, critical of and completely detached from all of the teachers available to us as ‘relational beings’. He gently suggests the tragedy of seeing human beings without the inclusion of that which is greater than flesh and bone. In Teachings from an Awakened Heart, Shavasti provides a transparent personal history which includes harrowing experiences including a horrific home invasion with a gun being held to his head; with a generous soul, Shavasti shares the deep soul initiation and the journey that transpired as a result. A friend of life and death, Shavasti’s humble assertion is that he is not a unique or rare ‘Awakened heart’ but that he is in the process of Awakening. Encouraging us to work, live and love with an ‘awakened heart’ Shavasti proposes that this place, perspective, and paradigm, is the place that introduces the grace of surrender, while in a practical sense preventing burn-out for those who work with healing and being in service. Part poetry, part prose, Teachings from an Awakened Heart is engaging and encouraging. Giving everything a place, Shavasti introduces an expanse of soul which would be a benefit for any human being.”
Francesca Mason Boring
, Author ‘Connecting to our Ancestral Past’

Audio Book Description:

In this audio presentation you will be taken on a journey to initially share in Shavasti’s personal story of a tragedy and other events that transformed both his work and the core of his being.  In addition to that brief account, Shavasti invites you to consider, experience, ponder and feel who you are on multiple levels of your being as he weaves almost two decades of a journey as a professional healer, author and seeker of truth together into a tapestry of profound teachings that will change the way you experiences yourself and see your place in the world.

In Teachings form an Awakened Heart you will journey with the stream of Shavasti’s words that will bring you to new understandings and experiences of forgiveness, awakening, hidden loyalties and new opportunities for personal peace. With this audio journey you will be invited to step inside the deeper questions of your being, your longing and the deeper truths of who you are and what you really want.  Teachings from an Awakened Heart presents truth powerful, inclusive and pervasive ways that will invite to surrender to the core of your being – irrespective of what you discover about yourself along the way. You will discover that to love is totally natural and that there is, and never has been, anything wrong with you:

Hand of Grace
Loss of Heart
Direct Experience
Healing Relationships
What do you want?
Love & Peace
An Opening Heart
Devoted to the Heart
Death & Back

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Forgiving the Unforgiveable

Forgiving the Unforgiveable Forgiveness is quite a challenging topic. It is one of those topics around which we have many images, concepts and ideas. However, forgiveness very often doesn’t work, even though at the core of many spiritual teachings, and of Christianity in particular within the context of the Western world, there is this idea […]

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