The End of Suffering

The End of Suffering

There appears to be little that any of us won’t do in order to avoid suffering or feeling our own pain. Most of us will exclaim ‘I want to be happy!’ and yet that very happiness teeters on the foundation of unresolved pain and suffering.

When we stop avoiding the suffering we also cease grasping at and looking for love, for when we grasp at it, love cannot breathe and it cannot be free. As we let go of our grip then all that we thought would make us happy begins to fade and we are then left with peace, within which is a love present that is beyond any words to describe it. Words merely point us in the direction of truth; the truth resides within the silence along with love, for love is the truth.

Often we get stuck in wanting and waiting for love to come from a particular person – a parent, a spouse, a person we have romantic feelings for. However, in all of that waiting we rob ourselves of peace and the very love we so yearn for. Perhaps we get stuck in the ‘rightness’ of it all…..our mother or father ‘should’ have loved us in a certain way and we become entangled in waiting, demanding and expecting something to come in a certain form or fashion.

We may even believe that now that our parent has passed on that it is no longer relevant and therefore we are free. For the most part, this is not so. Very often that which we have not resolved with a parent we project onto others – friends, spouses, lovers, employers. Inwardly we decided that what we didn’t get from our parent will be fulfilled by another and so the cycle of continued suffering perpetuates, touching almost every aspect of our lives until we have the courage to face our deepest fear – we are not loved.

When we find the courage to face our deepest fear, our ugliest truth, we will discover that there is a wellspring of love that is beyond words. It is present everywhere, in everything and in everyone. We simply need to be willing to let go of our suffering and our stories about it in order to drop into this place of deeper peace.

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