Breaking the Heart Open

Breaking the Heart Open

Most of us enter the world of healing, meditation, yoga, new thinking and spirituality because we want to either feel better about ourselves or to improve our experience of reality – some of us enter because we have a burning desire to know the truth of who we are, or even the truth of humanity, our origins, our purpose, the reason for our existence.

 However, very few of us, consciously, want to know the absolute truth. What truth always brings is transformation, what truth always demands is that we relinquish our attempts to control our relationships and other people, and that we relinquish control in the full knowledge that we had none in the first place and all of our attempts to control simply led to increased suffering.

 The quest for truth is inconvenient – most of us at one point in our lives, or almost always in some areas of our lives, limit the truth we speak with the notion that somehow we can control others or control relationships. We don’t speak our needs clearly, sometimes dropping hints, sometimes through never fully completing a sentence –while leaving it up to the other person to fill in the gaps and anticipate our needs.

 What is destructive about this fear based behaviour is that we then become angry, resentful or feel hard done by when the other does not respond to our unspoken need!

 When we seek the truth, the unequivocal, undeniable truth of not only acknowledging what is and what was, what becomes apparent is that there is a world of difference between our opinions and what is really true, and a world of difference between what ‘IS’ and the story we’ve told about it. We often get caught in needing to be right and our need to be right often overrides any other consideration – especially the truth. When we seek the truth, then much of what we’ve held in place either through lying to ourselves, or to others, comes into focus and this is simply too uncomfortable for many of us. We fear being alone, we fear being an outcast, we fear that our own sense of worthlessness may actually be true or undeniably confirmed.

 On the one hand we want to be happier, we want to be ‘more spiritual’, we want more ‘union with God’ and yet a good measure of all of that is revealing the most precious parts of ourselves that we’ve locked away and denied. In encountering that which has been locked away and denied, we begin to see the self-betrayal very clearly and with that revelation, our stories of blame also begin to crumble. The truth does not bring comfort to us at first; it comes to destroy our world with the Sword of Michael, the fire of Shiva and the ferocity of Kali. However, when we value truth over and above our fearful attachments, truth then becomes our refuge, comforter and the doorway into that which we have long been in search of – freedom and peace.

 When we have freedom, true freedom, not the freedom that is dictated to us by politicians, not the freedom to behave as we wish, but the truest freedom of all – the freedom to love – with that comes peace: an unending peace. However, the only doorway to get there is through truth. Here we have our dilemma. We want to be healed, we want more harmony in our lives, we want to be happy, healthier, and wealthier and have a more pleasurable experience of our work life, day-to-day activities and income. There are so many things that we want. However, none of them can change unless the truth about them and the stories we’ve both told ourselves and have agreed to, are faced.

Truth is such a charged and difficult word. It is very similar to the words ‘God’ and ‘Love’. So much has been said, written, dictated and done in the name of God, Love and Truth – most of which does not contain the undistorted essence of either. So how can we know what truth is?

 Truth is always simple, the statements are always simple. If we need to use a lot of words to explain our truth then we can know that we’re stuck in our own story about it, or bound by an opinion or a belief.

An Excerpt from ‘Embracing the Power of Truth’ by Shavasti


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