Opening the Eyes of the Heart

Opening the Eyes of the Heart


For many seeing into other worlds and the ability to see and sense subtle energies is the Holy Grail of extra sensory awareness, the grand golden first prize. Many long for their own eyes to confirm without a doubt that there is life after death, that there is more to this world than the mundane and that there is a reality in the stories of angelic and other beings – we long to know that we live in a benevolent Universe in which life, consciousness and our existence continues on after the demise of our physical body. However, what is often difficult hear and to believe that opening psychic awareness without the eyes of the heart being open is like receiving a letter in a foreign language. We know it is a letter, we can feel the paper, see the shapes of the letters and script in which it is written and perhaps even know it is addressed to us and the subject matter – however, without translation, we will not understand it.

Opening the eyes of the heart requires us to encounter where we may have closed off our own heart to the broader experience of life. If we live in a personal world in which the presence of love is limited, feels scarce or non-existent, then the broader reality will either be limited in scope or in its entirety. When we’ve lived a life feeling unloved or uncared for it can be a challenge to surrender and allow that broader reality to reveal itself to us. With the absence of surrender we use our will to peer, prod and examine the world around us. This active dissection of the non-physical world is most often out of defence as we need to know what it is, if it is a threat and if we are able to control it and there is a need to know who is bigger. This habit of peering and prodding can come about for any of us who grew up in disharmonious environments and environments in which the threat and occurrence of verbal and physical abuse was very real. This kind of environment encourages the development of our third eye as a forward scout, one that determines the mood and the lay of the land before we reach our destination. As children we seek to defend ourselves and therefore we are happy to morph into whatever it takes to keep ourselves safe. If we intuit and feel unrest at home before reaching, we can either make ourselves smaller, bigger, prettier, more assertive or more submissive depending on what we sense at the time may keep us safer. As many of us have had to do this either at home or at school, it behoves us to recognise that pro-active searching may have become so habitual that we don’t realise that we’re doing it. With this kind of defence mechanism we have become more inclined towards identifying potential danger rather than inviting in what is present.

As we encounter our longing to broaden our awareness to be inclusive of the unseen worlds it is fruitful to ask ourselves what it may mean for us and what changes it may bring to our perception of who we are and our place in the world and in the Universe at large? What would it mean for you to be able to engage more fully in the world of nature spirits? Is that your refuge away from humanity or is it a deepening of your appreciation of life? What if you could see auras? Does this make you special? Is it ‘cool’ or will it change how you interact with others? How about those who have crossed over? You ancestors, your deceased grandmother or a spirit guide?

If we have lived our lives based solely on the five senses within their current limited range of perception then it behoves us to realise that our entire life, our belief systems and how we perceive ourselves has been based on what we can see, hear, feel and know in this present moment. Once our senses awaken and broaden, how we perceive our world and our place in it can change dramatically. With broader vision comes more responsibility. The unseen world is waiting and when we notice it, it also notices us! Ponder that for a moment. The guidance I’m offering here is that if your motivation is simply that you want to see in order to know something or get confirmation of something, you could end up getting a little more than you imagined. Not that this is said to frighten you or warn you about ghosts and ghouls but it is clear, if you open the doorways to other dimensions, those on the other side of that doorway tend to notice who opened it and respond.

This article is not primarily about developing your extra sensory perception or about developing psychic sight, it is primarily about opening the doorways in the heart that broaden our experience of ALL of life, the hitherto ‘unseen’ being just a part of that. If you are a professional healer, a gardener, nurse or a medical doctor then absolutely, developing a broader sense of perception to include human and non-human energy fields is a very useful addition to how you receive and perceive your patients and clients, it encourages and supports a more holistic approach. However, with these words I’m inviting anyone with an interest in exploring life and all of the dimensions of their heart to step forward. Extra sensory awareness is not just for the talented, gifted and psychic amongst us, and neither is it reserved only for healers – it is in fact who we are, it is our natural birth right. As children we were very open to many worlds, some of them magical, others a little disturbing and yet others full of wonder whilst being received as normal. This invitation to enter into the gateway of the heart is to explore the broader world with the fascination of a child and allow it to heal your relationship to all of life. In addition to your loved ones, your family and your friends, what would it be like if you experienced the tree in your front garden as an old friend? What if when planting a rose in a new spot in the garden you could feel its appreciation for your service? What if you could feel a deeper connection to the awareness of the rose? What if your dog or cat were better able to communicate their needs to you? How would life be if you could see and sense the vast and majestic beings that mountains are? What if you could speak with a river or a lake? What if? It can be, and it is your natural birth right. Each and every culture on earth has roots into the deeply shamanic origins of humanity.

This world in which everything had a spirit, was of spirit, and was spirit in varying forms, created the foundation of living in harmony with nature, as an integral part of nature. This co-existence with nature still exists amongst many indigenous peoples across our globe. However, as habitats shrink and ancient traditions give way to smart phones and towering apartment blocks, the world and its people are hungry for meaning and purpose. Some of us could choose to return to nature and opt out of the modern world, however, from a soul perspective, the vast variety of relationship types that we can learn and grown from in more developed and urban settings provides us with opportunities for growth like no other time in history. The current rates of development are only catastrophic if we do not embrace the unique opportunities to live, learn and grow. This is life! We can bemoan development or we can embrace it as an opportunity to discover even deeper sacred caverns in our heart. How is this done? It is my observation and experience that whilst we are all looking and searching for something, that when we cease avoiding ourselves we start finding it. The opening of the Eyes of the Heart requires a dedication to truth, no matter how inconvenient. – Shavasti

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