Unleashing Your Creative Spirit

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit



As humans we are inherently creative, much of what we create is born out of necessity and much of it motivated by pure pleasure. We can create a functional apparatus or music that will delight, soothe, enliven or entertain, lour creative impulse seems to know no limits. However, just how many of us struggle with our own creative expression? How many unnoticed, unexpressed and unfulfilled artists, musicians, designers, cooks, chefs, mechanics, writers, poets, teachers, mathematicians, healers and entertainers are out there? There are countless millions and there is one for each and every human. If that is so, then why are we not witnessing the constant flowering of the human spirit around us? To understand that is to ask ourselves, ‘if my creative spirit is not flowing, then where is my energy invested?’


As human beings we have access to an infinite field of possibilities and have access to an infinite source of creative life force energy. However, if that is so, if that is really true, then where is all of this energy? Did we lose it? Have we simply not been taught the special method or technique to access it? Or is there something else involved in creating a frequent or ongoing experience of lack?


As an abundance of life force energy is available to us all of the time, it literally courses through our body and it is in and around us all the time, then are we simply ignoring it? Or perhaps we are unconsciously using it and often to our own detriment? From observation it is clear to witness that most of us are using our life force energy in an attempt to control ourselves and our environment. We use an abundance of life force energy to hide, conceal, protect, deny, flee and rise above any and all things we deem unacceptable, frightening, bad, threatening or dangerous within ourselves and those around us.


A question to contemplate is the following: What would my life look like if I had access to all of the energy I use to suppress uncomfortable feelings?


As children this life force moved through us seamlessly. However, as the vast majority of us were subjected to images, expectations and curtailment and we learnt that the purity of truth that we lived with was not welcome, we began to hide away our essential creative self – usually under layers of shame, coupled with grief and often anger. The moment we are born ideas around gender and images that conform to beliefs systems regarding race, religion, ethnicity, gender and family identity were projected onto us. All of this, combined with our basic impulse to survive, led us to directly and indirectly find was to belong or to ‘fit in’. In this attempt to become what we perceived that parents, society and authorities wanted from us we learnt to hold in place many aspects of our being.


As times moves on we often find ourselves as adults using much of our energy avoiding ourselves and using this energy to avoid that which does not want to be wither known or felt. It is important that we develop sincerity and authenticity in our quest to develop as individuals because then and only can we have the courage to ask ourselves: what is it that I don’t want to know about myself? What is it that I don’t want to feel?


We often fall into the trap of thinking that creativity, spiritual awakening, greater happiness or love are things that either must be won, earnt, gained or be given. However, what if none of that is true? Essentially, we cannot become that which we already are and truthfully we cannot long for something that we are not already. We cannot long for something we have never known, and if we know it, it is already a part of us. If that is so, then where is it?


Some of us grew up in families in which secrets needed to held, or in families in which the creative needs of children were either suppressed or were directed in a specific direction in order to conform. We’ve grown up in a world in which many boys are taught that they may not feel fear and girls are often taught that only certain ‘polite’ feelings are appropriate. As this occurs we develop strategies for suppressing all that is not welcome and we develop disguises for the inherent shame stemming from the need to hide. All of that adds up to a lot of life force energy.


The question is then begged again: What would my life look like if I had access to all of the energy I use to suppress shame, guilt and fear?


Another important question to ask is the following: If there was one feeling I have been running from all of my life, what would it be?


The trap we can fall into is to ‘explain’ the feelings, tell ourselves a story and intellectualise the problem, this is in and of itself a part of the avoidance strategy we have developed. We say things like ‘I understand that I cannot do this or that because of this or that’. The mind is part of the avoidance strategy, the intellect in this case is part of the great deception, and it is in fact, the enemy. Many of us imagine that the process of opening our hearts it to exert great strength or determination in order to force the heat open. However, it is the opposite that is true – we simply need to release our great grip on the heart. And so it is with creativity. The deeper question is not ‘where do I find my creativity’ but is rather ‘How and where am I hiding?’


Each of us is searching for something, when we cease hiding from ourselves, we find it.


Things that dampen the creative spirit:


  • The habitual seeking of approval
  • Disallowing feelings of fear and anger
  • Avoiding feelings of shame
  • Living a ‘lie’ in terms of relationships and career
  • Holding secrets
  • Holding grudges and blame
  • Being polite instead of expressing genuine needs
  • Feeling guilty for having, becoming or doing more than another, especially a family member
  • Using ‘Positive Thinking’ as an avoidance strategy
  • Waiting for permission to be who you are
  • Believing that it takes effort to discover what you are instead of realising that it is a process of surrender


Once we discover, accept and release our defence strategies, our creative spirit can soar. With courage, shame can be met, released and transmuted into a deeper truth of who we are. Deliciously creative human beings with a great capacity for love and compassion



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