The Way of the Heart – Falling into Love


Most of us enter into the world of personal development and healing because we want something – we either want a physical condition resolved, men often want to be more successful at their chosen career, or to discover a new one, women want to either attract more abundance or a soulmate and most want either more material comfort or love. Mostly we want love and that translates into either resolving a relationship issue with family or with a partner.
What is it that you truly want? How would it be to simply delve into the heart for its sake only? What are you willing to do for the sake of love? For the sake of authentically discovering who you are devoid of masks, pretences, projections and defences?
Everything we do is motivated by love. The longing to know ourselves as love, for the heart to awaken to itself and to know itself as love, is the foundation of everything are both seeking and doing. Our career choices around becoming a success is also tied up with the hope that it will make others admire and therefore love us. All of our yearning for improved conditions, for better relationships, health, wealth and the eternal quest for ‘happiness’ is based on this yearning – to awaken to love.
This journey we call life is merely a pilgrimage of the heart towards knowing itself as love. As we clamber up seemingly deep slopes or take diversions, get lost, turn back, have a tantrum, lose faith, give up hope and yell at the Universe there are many a trap we can fall into. Love can become an object – it is either someone else or something else that will magically bring it to our doorstep. With this longing and the frustration of waiting for ‘other’ to deliver the long awaited love, we can be tempted to don a love mask – sweet smelling but inauthentic. As we delve into spiritual or personal development paths we can be deeply deceived by images of goodness and what love is, chasing these images in the hope of becoming what the image promises. All this we do in the hope of hiding what we deeply fear may be the truth of who we are – unlovable, bad, flawed.

At times we are successful at catching one of the images and living it as if it is our own, as if it is us until the cracks begin to appear. As the cracks appear the fear of who we may be – the unlovable, bad and flawed, will begin to seep out and can rock the boat sufficiently to cause the images to crumble slowly or even spectacularly.
The Way of the Heart leads to a wonderful discovery, it leads to the discovery of the truth of who we are beyond any images of what we’ve been taught is ‘good’. Whether you see yourself at the forefront of personal development or as someone on a definite spiritual path – with the Way of the Heart you’ll begin to discover that all of what has been done and believed in has been preparation for the journey in which your heart awakens to itself. You will discover that all of the striving to be your best and most successful has really been a prelude to discovering the authentic, undefended magnificence of your own heart and that all of your searching for God and for gods through spiritual practice and devotions have really been a prelude to falling into your own heart, falling into love.
The Way of the Heart requires being willing to tell the absolute truth, it also means having the courage to be in touch with your deepest longing and to be able to say it to yourself – I long to love as I once did, I long to be free to love. Authentically. Deeply. Completely. Honestly.
Are you ready to admit to yourself why you are truly on this path of awakening? Is it success or love you are seeking? Is it God or the truth of your own being that you are seeking? Is it wealth or the richness of your very own heart? Is it health or is it the deep peace of your heart that so draws you? Welcome to the journey. Love is an invitation. It does not push, neither does it pull. It invites. Gently.

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