The Gun, a Voice and a Miracle

I was sitting in front of my television, watching Oprah Winfrey, and just as she said the words, “And now for our next guest,” three armed men, each of them carrying guns, came into my living room. Or at least one of them was. It is always true with these traumatic events that memory can […]

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My Near Death Experience

My Near Death Experience – On the Edges of Infinity, Journey to the Source and Back   In January 2013 I had a minor motorcycle accident that led me to contract a very serious case of cellulitis with multiple strains of infection. This caused me to be on an antibiotic drip for more than 16 […]

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Healing the World – One Individual at a Time

We are not islands. We are born into many histories that have formed and shaped our world, these histories are more than just the stories that have been told and are far more than the books that have been written to tell one person’s or one nation’s version of events. History is a living entity […]

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Weeping for the Lost Ones

When I was in South Africa I had the privilege to work with a group of men who had been in the special forces under the old Apartheid regime. These men had been involved in state sponsored torture of their victims, mostly black Africans who were part of the struggle. What I learnt from working […]

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Breaking the Heart Open

Breaking the Heart Open Most of us enter the world of healing, meditation, yoga, new thinking and spirituality because we want to either feel better about ourselves or to improve our experience of reality – some of us enter because we have a burning desire to know the truth of who we are, or even […]

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The High Price of Being Good

The High Price of Being Good   Much of our suffering finds it roots in our relentless obsession with comparison. As humans we can get all caught up in constantly comparing ourselves to other. The ‘other’ is then either ‘better’ or ‘worse’, more intelligent, prettier, slimmer, better looking, more of a success. In fact, very […]

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Unleashing Your Creative Spirit

Unleashing Your Creative Spirit   As humans we are inherently creative, much of what we create is born out of necessity and much of it motivated by pure pleasure. We can create a functional apparatus or music that will delight, soothe, enliven or entertain, lour creative impulse seems to know no limits. However, just how many […]

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